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 To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.

Marc Jacobs


 Sleek make-up were best known to me for their incredible eye-shadow palettes but I’d never ventured to their other products or realised how many were actually available. Luckily for me I was sent an array of products to sample and play with including some new releases and make-up I wouldn’t have necessarily opted for having not had the chance to try. 


True colour lipstick in Reddy To Sail £4.99*//

Starting with my favourite product I received seems like a logical beginning and I have just fallen in love with this shade. This lipstick is part of the limited edition Nautical collection, aptly named ‘Reddy to sail’, a coral-red shade that offers a semi matte finish. The lipstick applies smoothly and with a cream like texture but lies on the lips with a matte finish that isn’t too drying, if your lips are already chapped or feeling the cold weather effects then I would apply lip balm before use- however it does contain Vitamin E. As a proud South Coast gal I love that it’s ‘inspired by the sparkling mysterious oceans of the world’ choosing to ‘bring together the colours of clear blue seas and golden glamorous beaches.‘. Okay so Worthing may not be exotic but this shade works well with tanned or pale skin, and has great lasting power, I tend to be able to wear this all day without topping up.


Candy tint lip balm in Jelly bean £6.49*//

Lip balms are definitely not my first port of call when it comes to make-up which is why I am glad I had a chance to sample this as it changed my opinion. As Autumn encompasses us we naturally need more moisture for all of our body and my lips are beginning to feel the effects; not being brave enough to wear no colour on my lips the tinted element really appeals to me. The balms are enriched with jojoba oils, vitamin e, a and c for hydration, softness and SPF15 to protect from the sun. The shade jelly bean offers creamy application that leaves your lips with a glossy finish and a beautifully sweet fragrance. When I am opting for a heavier, darker eye make-up look it’s nice to contrast the lips and I will definitely be using this for that.


 Light cc cream £8.99*//

When it comes to base products I am naturally weary when the colours offered are on a four point scale from fair-dark as I have rather pale skin and like to opt for a wider shade variety. However despite expecting to need the lightest shade ‘fair’, ‘light’ proved to be a good match for my skin tone. The formula is really buildable and not watery like previous brands, if you are looking for really light coverage then this isn’t the one for you but if you suffer with acne, redness or dark circles then I would really recommend this as it has medium coverage. I still actually use a concealer under this as my skin is suffering lately but this really brightens up my face and has great coverage. The product contains vitamin c and works to moisturise your skin offering a dewy finish despite the cover, it also colour adapts to your skin tone which I really noticed after being worried about it being too dark. All in all I am a big fan, nothing compares to my Revlon Colourstay or Mac Studio Fix but if you want a radiance boosting cc cream then definitely try this. 

Creme to powder blush in pink peony £5.99*

Having oily, acne prone skin, creme to powder would never be my first choice of formula, but I find this to be really easy to applicate and blend, especially as it transforms to a long lasting powder finish. The shade in my opinion was way too dark for my skin and I am used to wearing bronzers- you really need the tiniest amount for application which does mean it’s long lasting though. Given the chance I would opt for a lighter, coral shade for my skin tone as I am big fan of the easy application and blending.  


 I-divine eyeshadow palette in enchanted forest £7.99*

 Most of my palettes feature nudes, golds and browns so the shades in this particular palette scared me initially as they certainly pack a punch, but after trial and error I came to fall in love with it. The shadows are ‘inspired by a magical, mysterious woodland where fairy-tales of escape, fantasy and adventure come to life.‘ It is the ideal palette for sultry, evening looks, smokey eyes and eye catching shimmering shades which are my ultimate favourite- I do love a bit of glitter and shimmer! There is fall out when in use, however I am used to this even from palettes such as Bobbi Brown and Zoeva. The colours above have only been swiped once so as you can see from the swatches the colours are really pigmented and stunning shades.
After creating looks on a daily basis with this palette I have found Fairy Godmother, Lady Tremaine and Pumpkin to work beautifully together for a dressy, but everyday look. The Reddy to sail is also a feature in my daily make-up bag now as I am a huge red lipstick cheerleader anyway and I just adore the way this applies and lasts!

 After trying a variety of Sleek products I have found myself a bigger fan than I was before. I would love to try different lipstick shades as that was the real winner for me with the palette impressing me as much as I had expected, the shades are beautiful for the colder months and the upcoming party season so they are well worth checking out!FotorCreated1

23 thoughts on “Sleek Make-Up

  1. I’ve heard so many good reviews about Sleek I definitely need to check them out, their products look incredible! You look lovely as well the makeup really suits you!
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky


  2. Your make up always looks so perfect I love the eyes! I’ve never actually tried sleek make up before and I didn’t realise it was so affordable so I’ll definitely have to have a browse!
    Amy xx


  3. I’ve only ever tried their palettes (which I love!) but I really think I need to give some other products a go. I always hear great things about their lipsticks and blushers. I’m a big fan of tinted lip balms so I’ll definitely be having a closer look at Jelly Bean.

    Looking lovely as always and love the new blog design!



  4. You look absolutely gorgeous ❤ I love Reddy to sail it's stunning!! & I'm a huge sleek fan, they've got such quality makeup for an affordable price too! & the enchanted palette, I've already got my eyes on the shade Daphne!

    Serene | I Am Serene L


  5. You have achieved total blended perfection with this eye palette! I have to say how envious I am of your skin! Such an even and beautiful complexion! You look absolutely radiant without looking overdone or too made up. I had never even heard of sleek but I am very intrigued by it!!!


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