September Degustabox

The only thing I like better than talking about Food is eating.

John Walters

 After a four month break from the Degustabox subscription I thoroughly missed making new food and drink discoveries. After a sad break up I have returned and started receiving them again in time for some Autumn comforts, starting with the September box. The subscription costs £12.99 per month for 9 to 14 surprise food and drink items, most brand new discoveries. The lovely PR team are offering a whopping £6.00 discount for my readers when you enter the code BLDEG15 which is almost half price, the perfect time to see what you think. 


 This months box is an absolute spoiler full of confectionery delights and perfect snacks for cosy, late night films. Be prepared to feast your eyes on sweet classics and some new gems. ###2

Bassetts Jelly Babies Berry Mix 190G £1.48


Maynard’s Red n Blacks 165g £1.50

Bassets and Maynards are back with our two favourite flavours of well known classics;  Jelly Babies berry mix features Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Strawberry, whilst the Wine Gums Red n Blacks come in- you guessed it Blackcurrant and Strawberry. For me both these packs are a going to be a frequent addition to my snack cupboard as I have previously had to sift through the bag to find these flavours, now I can eat the WHOLE bag!

Mocha Energy Bites 6 Pack £4.99

Low calorie energy bites infused with caffeine are right up my street, they are recommended five minutes before exercise, driving, partying or studying, and despite the mocha flavour they aren’t bitter or overpowering, they prove pleasant with a good bite.
#####2 Portlebay Popcorn 2 x £1.00

Portlebay’s popcorn is award winning and for good reason, it is the most delicious brand I have yet to try (and that’s saying something). The sweet and salty is a best seller with rapeseed oil, unrefined raw cane sugar and natural seasonings, a complete revamp of my usual salted choice. Their latest addition is the Cappucino popcorn which is nicely balanced, still sweet but has a beautiful coffee flavour.

Reese’s 2 x 85p

Reese’s are my boyfriends favourite treat so when he saw them included in the box he was a little more than excited. I find the peanut butter a little sickly and rich but to enjoy one with a cup of tea is a nice but naughty snack.

Mallow & Marsh £2.00

Mallow and Marsh’s marshmallows are a cut above the rest. Compared to cheaper brands each cube is denser, naturally sweet and mixed with a tangy raspberry taste that packs a punch- these are a melt in your mouth sensation that will satisfy you plenty with just one! I would recommend picking a few boxes of these up for Christmas gifts.

#####1 Drink ###3TG Green Tea 1 x £1.80

TG are a brand I have previously worked with and loved thanks to their refreshing, natural energy iced teas. They are low in sugar and have unique flavours that are well worth a sample, the Mandarin is my personal favourite.

Sweet Sally Tea £2.40

Intended to be served cold I actually heated this on the hob for a few minutes after being unable to drink it and what a difference it made. It created a delicious, spiced hot drink perfect for the cold months and an alcohol free alternative to mulled wine. I would definitely repurchase this!

Up & Go 2 x £1.39

Life can be stressful and it can seem like we don’t have enough hours in the day which is why Up & Go have created a breakfast drink packed full of fibre. protein and calcium. The flavours I received were chocolate and vanilla; the vanilla tasted like Muller Rice (which was awesome for me), whilst the chocolate reminded me of Coco pops infused cereal milk, all in all not a bad first try!

The Good Cider of San Sebastian 2 x £1.50

My box contained apple and pear flavours which made a change from my usual raspberry choice. Served with copious amounts of ice and in half servings these are refreshingly delicious and sweet, perfect with your evening meal and not a bad price either.

If you liked what you saw and fancied trying Degustabox don’t forget I have a huge £6 off with code BLDEG15!

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