Go Nutrition Super Antioxidant Green Smoothie

 A healthy outside starts from the inside.

~Robert Urich

  Being healthy isn’t just about fitness and clean eating but I feel strongly that they are fundamental elements of a balanced mind and strong body. I am a classic case of yo-yo exercising and have tried different eating fads but can never end up sticking to them and following through for a healthy lifestyle. One of the main factors is ease and availability; I am lazy and don’t like too much meal prep so when I have to cut and prepare ingredients before blending I feel more likely to just grab a piece of toast. Another problem I face is that money can sometimes be a preventative when needing fresh produce everyday. Go Nutrition solve both of these problems for me with a long lasting and affordable Green Smoothie pack with everything you need to create an antioxidant shot to start your day off. It’s just £9.99 here for their introductory offer (usually £38.45) and provides enough for 24 shot smoothies.#3 What each pack contains:

Freeze Dried Banana Pieces – 75g

Freeze Dried Banana Powder – 100g

Flaxseed Powder – 250g

Organic Wheatgrass Powder – 100g

Kale Powder – 250g

#1 To make your antioxidant shot you need:

 ½ tbsp Banana Powder
1 tbsp Banana Pieces
8 medium Scoops Flaxseed Powder
½ tbsp Wheatgrass Powder
1 tbsp Kale Powder
½ Cup Greek Yogurt
Water or skimmed milk to provide the desired consistency#4

I recommend blitzing up to create a shots worth as the recipe will create two servings worth, the shot size makes it easier to digest in one go. If I had to describe the flavour then I would have to compare it to plain porridge, neither good nor bad and definitely drinkable for it’s health benefits. I love having the pots on my kitchen side ready for the morning without too much effort, I can also stock up on these and not have to worry about them being past their date which really helps with saving money.

The smoothie contains just 149 calories per serving packed with essential vitamins and superfoods. If you don’t fancy blending the ingredients up together the pots included work perfectly for baking, additions to shakes and sauces, they really are a versatile must have for your kitchen cupboards and workout routines. 

24 thoughts on “Go Nutrition Super Antioxidant Green Smoothie

  1. Ahhh that’s really handy! At first I thought, well, you can get them fresh. But you are right, fresh doesnt last, and it takes much longer to prepare as well. I should check them out, banana and kale would be great for me, and maybe spinach if they have it 🙂 xxx


  2. I bet this would give you a shot of energy in the morning! It works out really affordable for all you get, your pictures are really good too, they look like they could be off a cooking show 🙂

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