Girls on Film

 ‘Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she’s falling’

Duran Duran- Girls on Film

#1Crunchy fallen leaves lay scattered across the dewy grass reinforcing that it is now the time to root around for hot water bottles and thick dressing gowns whilst packing away the crochet and the crop tops. Yes as you might have guessed I really feel the cold and have been longing for acceptable weather to wear long sleeves again to keep me cosy. Instead of slobbing in knitwear and leggings (which I resort to a LOT in Winter) I like to use tailored layering; keeping some shape to my outfits but also ensuring I don’t freeze to death! I have mentioned previously that shirts and blouses are my favourite wardrobe additions for colder months so as soon as I saw this shirt dress it embodied the best of both worlds.
#2 After my indecisive hair change (again!) I had a huge wardrobe clear out, taking over 18 bags to charity (PHEW) and decided to have a complete revamp for the upcoming weather. I donated all the yellow and orange pieces in fear of clashing with my hair and renewed my wardrobe with purples, blues, monochrome and some nautical additions. 

The shirt dress has an overall grey floral design, but the additional colours are easily awakened by pairing a pastel blue or pink. I opted for some pale blue high heels; the dress is conservative with long sleeves and a high button for the collar so adding a pair of heels adds some femininity and showcases legs over bust! I also added a skinny belt around the waist, however the dress is designed to fit loosely without emphasising your waist (so it’s great after a tonne of stews, christmas pudding and lattes!)

11999011_502736186562142_7208782829337659978_n You can pick up the shirt dress for £42 herethe sizes start at a size 8-18, I am usually a size 6 but picked up the 8 on a whim and am really happy with the overall fit. As the weather gets colder I will experiment with more layered looks and use this dress unbuttoned as a long shirt over a pair of skinnies. #4 Catch up with Girls on Film over at Twitter here  ❤

41 thoughts on “Girls on Film

  1. The dress suits you so well, and those heels look like they were made for it! If only there were more similar dresses on the high street, it’s so hard to get some with sleeves, even in Winter!

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