Repair your hair with Moroccan Oil

FotorCreated I am indecisive, there is no doubt about it and particularly when it comes to my poor mane. Red, black, blonde, pink, brown, purple- you name it I have probably been through it at some stage and now Autumn has arrived I have returned to being a redhead. Us girls put our hair through an awful lot and if we aren’t colouring we are applying so much HEAT, tying it up into tight buns and ponytails snagging it to pieces, and brushing it whilst it’s wet and at its most delicate. Most of the time we could just do with a good trim but whilst I am desperately trying to grow my hair out I take the smallest amount off myself and keep persevering. Dry oil is an absolute wonder on damp hair and for rescuing our ends but shampooing and conditioning can be really drying if done too much. At the moment I am attempting to only wash my hair twice a week using the Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.



The shampoo acts as a moisture balancer and a cleanser whilst infusing Argan Oil and Keratin into your hair. It also has a phosphate and paraben-free formula. The conditioner works to detangle and repair with Argan oil, reconstructive Keratin and fatty acids. 

#3  I have tried previous oil enriched shampoos and conditioners and found some of them to be too thick and heavy and leave a greasy residue on my hair. I suffer from oily roots and dry ends whilst having trouble maintaining colour to my hair so I was relieved to see that the Moroccanoil set didn’t cause me any further oil problems and really balanced out the condition of my hair. My colour seemed enriched and more vibrant with a visible glossy shine compared to the dull, dry ends I was previously rocking. 

The shampoo is currently £16.55 for 250ml and the conditioner £17.25 on Regis Salons with free delivery and a special offer for a complimentary wash bag with any product purchase from the range. In terms of price it depends what you would usually fork out for haircare but when the products are salon quality and rejuvenate your hair in just one wash I am happy to pay whatever it takes. Words are words when it comes to how a product actually works so take a look at my before and after shots to see how much difference it made after just one wash! I cannot wait to keep using the products and see how my hair improves week by week. 


27 thoughts on “Repair your hair with Moroccan Oil

  1. Love Moroccanoil myself, I love love love their hydrating hair mask & their argan oil treatment oil! I need to branch out & get the shampoo & conditioner, it looks like it did an amazing job Jess! Your hair looks amazing ❤

    Serene | I Am Serene L


  2. My hair is exactly the same, combination! It’s horrible having to switch up my shampoos all the time to deal with it. I didn’t think an oil based shampoo set would work but this sounds and looks great!

    Velvet Blush


  3. Wow your hair looks incredible! Love the after results and I was so close to buying this duo too! I noticed it on lookfantastic back in January on sale and wanted it so bad but went with the Aveda range! I’ll definitely be picking these up next as love the oil 🙂 I also know what you mean when it comes certain shampoos and conditioners being to heavy on the hair! One of my Aveda shampoos does this and hydrates my hair to much, leaving it lacking volume! I normally use LUSH Big to get volume back 🙂 xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture


  4. Oh wow, such a difference in the before and after photos! I’m alway looking for new hair products as mine is so long and I dye it regularly, I’ll definitely have to pick these up at some point!


  5. Firstly apologies for not commenting in ages, finally find some time to read your blog and I have missed it!! I absolutely adore moroccan oil and always wondered what their shampoo and conditioner ranges were like, you hair looks amazing in the after shot and super shiny! 🙂 xxx


  6. Have had the nicest time catching up with your blog sweets, always the first blog on my list to catch up on! Love this post, hair looks incredible – I have heard amazing things about moroccan oil so I need to get buying! xxx


  7. My hairdresser in New York used this products as well and they are really great! I could not find them in Europe unfortunately so I am using pure Argon Oil for my split ends since some time now 🙂

    Kia | Traviness


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