Wrapping up for Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season by far, forget tan aspirations and ‘bikini’ body goals, there is nothing I enjoy more than crunchy autumn leaves under Wellington boots and snuggling up at home under a blanket, with a nice hot cuppa and a great read. Autumn brings us Halloween, Fireworks night and my birthday which for me involves a lot of planning on things I want to buy (as it’s the one time to treat yourself right?) and I am lusting after lots of thick knits, protective coats and weather resistant boots. I am also partial to a long walk and planning on joining a walking group so I need to be well prepared! 


Hunter Original Moustache Umbrella £31.95//Joules Seafarer Mac £118.95//Barbour Jarrow Adjustable Wellingtons £69.95//Barbour Carston Sweater £99.95//Joules Welton Fleece Welly Socks £12.95//Womens Barbour Sub Knit Hat £44.95//Barbour International Bergman Trousers £129.95

When I think of Autumn, Winter and walking essentials I immediately think of Barbour and hunt down the best Barbour Outlet and reductions as sometimes my budget doesn’t quite stretch to what my want/needs are!  The Barbour Wellingtons are the perfect addition to a wet and windy English wardrobe, the red is a beautiful classic colour that brightens up a bleak outfit. Being one to stick with a theme I opted for a Hunter Umbrella with red detailings and the Barbour Knitted hat to keep nice and cosy. Not wanting to be one drowned in ALL of the same colour I am eyeing up the Joules Seafarer Mac, yellow always seems to boost my mood and it’s such a stylish statement piece, having lived by the sea all my life I just adore a nautical theme. When I am shopping I like to buy complete outfits and had to search for a jumper and some trousers to to go with my nice new coat (we hope!). The Carston Sweater looks every bit as cosy as I bet it feels, and paired with the Barbour Trousers that are sleek and skinny it proves to be a stylish yet Autumn perfect outfit. 

If I don’t manage to complete my Autumn wishlist I will be sure to pass this around for my birthday- here’s to hoping eh!

24 thoughts on “Wrapping up for Autumn

  1. Autumn is beautiful! It’s a good time to bring out those knits! 😀 I love the red beanie that you’ve chosen! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pieces Jess, have a nice weekend.


  2. As much as I love the Summer, I do adore Autumn as well! You’re so right about the cosy clothes, crunchy leaves & wellies. I can’t wait to sit with a hot chocolate watching the fireworks on bonfire night 🙂 xxx


  3. I like how your picks are so COLORFUL, especially the yellow raincoat! When I think of fall, I immediately just think of wearing black from head to toe lol. Not that I’m going to have a fall this year…it’s probably the one thing I’ll miss now that I’m in Cali!



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