Little Ondine #EasyPeelOff

O1Chipped nail polish and botched up patch jobs on the train is now a thing of the past (for me at least…, don’t lie you’ve all done it).  A revolutionary Nail Polish brand has now come into play into the world of Natural Beauty that boasts a plethora of enticing benefits- waves hello to Little Ondine!

Natural We care more and more about what we put into our bodies and onto our skin, but what about our nails? Little Ondine uses only natural ingredients which includes natural resin, organic colourants and water, ensuring they all work together to give you a pure organic colour, smooth texture and hydration to your nails. 

#EasyPeelOff yep you heard right, the Little Ondine nail polishes peel right off your nails to eradicate the need for toxic and corrosive removers that damage and dehydrate your nails. 

Odour Free Due to the use of natural ingredients these polishes are completely odour free so can be used ANYWHERE, yes this includes discreet office application, car/train journeys, you name it you can get onto it.

Fast drying Thanks to the nail polishes being water based these bad boys dry within a couple of minutes! 

O2What did I think?

WOW, where to start? Initially the idea of being sent an odourless, water based AND peel off varnish made me feeling sceptical and wondering whether the polish would actually stay on my nails or need about a dozen applications to get the desired colour. Well I have to say after first use I was completely and utterly proven wrong and boy am I glad I was too! The nail polishes really don’t smell at all, even when I held the brush right up to my nose (yes I wanted to test this out thoroughly guys). The application of polish took about 3 layers to get my desired look, but luckily the varnish really does dry in about 2 minutes (which is awesome!). When it came to removing I struggled a little to peel off the layer as I had applied more than just one coat so used the handy Alcohol wipes I had included and VOILA clean nails again. The polish is hard wearing and resistant and isn’t thin like you would imagine from a water based product.     O7  Fireworks L027 £11* //// Love Letter L060 £8.40O8 The packaging really is a knock out and I can see myself collecting the whole range of these purely for display purposes (because that’s totally acceptable right?). The polishes are pricier than your average High Street store product but for absolutely good reason. They are well worth every penny in my opinion and I am always more willing to pay out for natural Beauty. 

In use:


The colours I received couldn’t have been more spot on. Each colour on the website has a little story behind it with Fireworks says: Late into the hot summer night, she stood on the dock with a slice of watermelon and a drink in hand. She gazed up at the beautiful bursting fireworks and smiled as the crowd cheered on the celebration. and Love LetterSifting through an old box of notes in the antique store, a love letter caught her eye. Sealed with a lipstick kiss, its earnest passion and deep love inspired her. If that isn’t romantic then I despair; I am a sucker for cute and creative selling points and for me this brand has it spot on. 

14 thoughts on “Little Ondine #EasyPeelOff

  1. These sound amazing – I’m so guilty of wrecking my nails by painting them too often and always picking it off! Love the love letter colour it’s beaut xxx


  2. I’m always on the lookout for new nail polishes, and I’ve seen these polishes dotted around other blogs. I am in love with that pink, it’s such a bright vibrant colour. I find it amazing that they’ve managed to make a nail polish that a) doesn’t smell, and b) has a two minute dry time! Great review 🙂 xo

    Emma-Louise | Dino’s Beauty Diary


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