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 Collecting shoes is somewhat of an obsession/ hobby of mine (in fact I kind of hoard dozens of pairs that don’t even see the light of day…shhh)- but I don’t like to spend too much on them. I understand people’s perspective on spending more on pieces as an investment and thus in turn receiving higher quality, longer lasting items but I have owned expensive heels (such as Kurt Geiger’s) that have got ruined from one evenings worth of entertainment, yes they look fabulous and yes they feel fabulous and will I never buy any again? Probably not (I am weak!). However with all that said and done Fashion is fast and my tastes and needs change as fast as the weather which is why I love shops like Shoezone

Since shopping at Shoezone for school shoes and work needs their range has come on leaps and bounds; whilst searching for a pair of shoes to style I was actually spoilt for choice with a list of about 20 must have items, finding it difficult to whittle it down to one. Eventually I settled on these Truffle Womens Floral Strappy High Heel £17.99after considering what style of shoe I was lacking in. I have to say that my high heel days have very sadly gone, and once an avid wearer at any given opportunity my short little self opts for the flattest shoes I can find. Once these arrived I knew things were about to change, and as strange as it may sound, I felt like a lady again!

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For under £20 I think these babies are the perfect budget addition to a wedding guest outfit or Summer party; the best thing about them? They are super comfy! They have lots of stability and don’t butcher my feet like the infamous flat shoes I wore in my House of Fraser post (wah!). The heel height is 9cm and they fasten with a buckle, ankle strap. The floral design features right across the shoe and is surprisingly resistant to wear. 

Truffle is a brand that I already have come to know and love and after discovering that Shoezone stock them I was over the moon, their prices start at £7.99 and don’t compromise on quality (they have some awesome Summer sale picks too if you needed some new footwear). The sandals were very true to size and fitted me perfectly (dontcha just hate super narrow, bone squeezing shoes?!), so I would say there’s no need to go up or down from your norm. Now to stock up on some Winter boots…..!!

My experience with Shoezone was overwhelmingly positive and I wouldn’t think twice about ordering again! Have you picked anything up from Shoezone lately?

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