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The Body Shop have just released their ‘Spa Of The World’ range and it is undoubtedly incredible. I have never actually been to a spa or had any treatments (aside from an 18th birthday massage in a salon) so to be able to bring that experience home is a real treat, and as The Body Shop describe it you can ‘BRING THAT #SPATHROOM EXPERIENCE INTO YOUR HOME!’ The range features a plethora of scrubs, massage oils, tightening masks and much more to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised. Sunday nights should no longer be reserved as the day of pampering overhaul as most of these treatments only take between 5-10 minutes so can be utilised at any shower (or bath if you’re lucky!) opportunity you feel like. #2  Every-time I set out to take photographs for my blog I like to ensure that I am utilising the beauty of the natural environment around me and secluded seafront spots are a favourite of mine. The mass of large sharp rocks could be perceived as imposing but they are also the ideal for sitting on early in the morning watching the sunrise and the sea wash onto Worthing seafront. The Body Shops spa products seem very in touch with nature gathering their ingredients from Community Fair Trade groups so I thought it was only right to incorporate nature. #3


I am a frequent user of clay masks for my face but never have I layered up my arms, stomach and legs but my gosh I can’t believe I haven’t before. The body clay is part of The Body Shop’s Revitalising Ritual and uses Rhassoul clay which is utilised and treasured by Moroccan women thanks to its amazing firming power (which I can really vouch for). The way it works is by the minerals in the mask absorbing excess water and oil tightening and firming your skin as it dries. You only need quite a thin layer on your body and to allow it to dry for approx 10 minutes or until it looks a lot lighter in colour. I didn’t believe that it would actually work until I felt the mask really tightening up my skin and once I washed it off I couldn’t help but parade to Pete and make him touch my stomach and arms in awe at how toned they felt! 

The body masks uses clay from The Atlas Mountains in Morocco and sesame seed oil that is cultivated in Achuapa. If you check out The Body Shop site you will find out that ‘through trade with The Body Shop, JFPS has been able to establish and strengthen their global sesame seed export business, as well as funding community projects to help improve sanitation, build new roads and enable women to set up their own businesses’ which I think is absolutely incredible. What more incentive to shop than to know that you are helping a worthy cause too!



Following the Relaxing Ritual this scrub features handpicked xiemenia fruit seeds from the ‘Tree of Life’ in Namibia; they create a rich oil to ensure your skin is softened and smoothed rather than irritated by the scrub. When scooped out and applied the scrub has a similar texture to their body butters and is soft and sumptuous. However just because the texture is light and delicate and provides such moisturising properties it still does a fantastic job at exfoliating and refreshing the skin, I love using this before I shave as it does the job perfectly.

To commit to more than just body pampering The Body Shop connect with Fair Trade with the beeswax in the scrub being sourced from Guide D’espoir in Cameroon where they produce some of the highest quality beeswax as well as being committed to ethical and fair trade principles whilst investing in the development of the beekeepers and their communities. The Body Shop’s trade helps provide regular employment and fair wages whilst keeping our skin super ex-foliated and smooth! 



Who doesn’t love a massage? (WELL actually my boyfriend doesn’t…paid for or not, but that’s by the by!). Lemongrass is something I am totally opposed to having in food but completely and utterly welcome the scent in aromatherapy oils, it is just gorgeous. Lemongrass is treasured in Thai massage and has been for centuries. As well as being part of the Revitalising Ritual this massage oil is aimed at boosting vitality and awaken your senses with the invigorating scent. The oil takes a while to settle in but is perfect after being a little sun bitten or dried out, the scent isn’t too overpowering instead is calming and relaxing; as long as you are mindful of how much you use then this should last a fair few massages and won’t get too sticky or greasy (unless you spill it out like me, woops!) 

As I love the ethical side of The Body Shop I can’t not mention that the Soya Oil is from Gebana in Brazil where they produce it GM- Free and organically; differing from much of the soya farming industry. The Body Shop have been working with them since 2006  by promoting sustainable farming methods and organic produce to avoid more devastating effects from deforestation. 

If you fancy a little indulgence then I would definitely recommend checking out this range, it is a fraction of the price of attending a spa and not to mention you get a LOT of product for your money so it is well worth it. 

8 thoughts on “Spa Of The World at The Body Shop

  1. Lovely post and I feel terrible as I’ve been so busy over the past month that I haven’t had time to leave comments! ;( I also received some Spa of the world products and absolutely love them! I like your selection and could definitely see myself buying the Morrocan Body clay as it sounds amazing! Perfect for my weekend pamper nights! 😉 x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture


  2. I looooooove the backdrop you chose for these photos! It really helps enhance the purpose and mood of the products. I think for me everything is just a taaaaad to expensive than I would have been willing to spend, but next time TBS have a sale I think I’ll be picking up that gorgeous sounding scrub!
    Thanks for sharing – I love the packaging and I’m always keen to learn and hear more about new product releases!
    Hannah x


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