Dress up with House of Fraser

#2 Dresses are my go to piece no matter what time of year it is. I would like to think of myself as someone who can spend time piecing different garments together in a fluid, stylish way but in fact I love nothing more than having my outfit already together, think maxi skirts, jumpsuits, playsuits and dresses! When I’m having a wardrobe crisis I tend to opt for House of Fraser as a starting point, they usually have a fabulous sale on and all the brands that I would be individually searching for are there in front of me. My favourite brand they stock is Miss Selfridge, a very considerate member of the Petite Fashion party and boy am I grateful. 

Now dontcha just hate it when things sell out super quickly? I was so lucky to receive this dress in a size 6 as there was only two left, but I recommend you check out what other treats they have in store as I am already building up a list of Winter coats, pinstripes and lace up items; why I can never save up is clearly a mystery to me…!

#5 With my Miss Selfridge dress as a starting point I then added:

Mango 70’s Jacket with Suede Detail £62.50(sale) from Asos

Gemporia Silver Necklace

Its Not Me Its You Clutch Bag £28

Forever 21 Pointed Flats (No longer in stock)

#9 My new Mango jacket is my absolute baby and the only reason I am abstaining from wearing it too much is in case some clumsy person it gets ruined….and I would be devastated! It is the perfect fit, the arms aren’t too long and it isn’t too tight or loose which my gosh is a losing battle with biker jackets for me, just me….?!

As I am getting older my jewellery choices are becoming more minimal and definitely leaning towards silver. Gemporia is an absolutely beautiful site with some really stunning pieces, this floral pearl necklace is one of my absolute favourite pieces and seems to keep cropping up in my Summer outfits. It goes with almost anything and adds a nice sparkle to your outfit. 

I thought the inclusion of the clutch bag was very Autumnal and I am so ready for a change of season. I also absolutely love this brand so go check out their page as they have some really quirky pieces!

Now onto the shoes…I left these until last and am sort of glad they are of stock because my gosh aren’t they cute, but they will literally butcher your feet and butcher them within maybe 1-2 minutes..I kid you not. My feet are a suffering a very unattractive pain that can only be resolved with flip flops, are you feeling my pain people?!


House of Fraser offer buy and collect for free up until midnight with availability starting at noon the next day (wowzers) and free standard delivery when you spend over £50 which should take 3-5 days. I am actually pretty impatient and don’t like waiting for my orders though so opt for the £6 next day delivery charge as it’s worth it!

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