Modern Muse Le Rouge

#1 Modern Muse Le Rouge 50ml £64.00 *

Estee Lauder is back with the third edition to their Modern Muse range- Modern Muse Le Rouge; a sexy, sultry scent fronted by Kendall Jenner, who with no doubt embodies exactly what the perfume aims to achieve. The new scent packs a punch with its powerful blend unleashing confidence, glamour and sophistication.

#2 Like any perfume, time allows different scents to emerge, and whilst I was love at first smell perfumes do change over time and I found myself enjoying the lingering scent more than the first spritz. The top notes disappear into the air the quickest, in this case Bulgarian Rose and Rose Centifolia Firabs– nothing more glamorous than rose scent in my opinion!  The heart notes are medium sized molecules and usually take 10-15 minutes to develop but stay on the skin much longer than the top notes; Raspberry, Bourgeon De Cassis, Pink Pepper, Saffron and Vanilla Madagascar SFE are what you predominantly receive. Base notes sit on the skin for hours and help the perfume to last longer, it is key that you like the base notes of a perfume as they are the ones that carry on throughout the day once the heart notes have evaporated. Le Rouge features Patchouli, Vetiver, Jasmine Pays Firabs, Magnolia as the base notes which create a strong floral infusion to marry the pre-existing fruity, vanilla tones.

#4 I am very superficial in terms of products in my bedroom and like things to look pretty- bland packaging just doesn’t cut it. Luckily for me Le Rouge is presented in a stunning deep red hue bottle and a gold top. (For some reason most of my perfume bottles feature silver, and I think the gold works perfectly with the red to create a classic, stylish bottle). ##############################1

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 Perfume Tip:

Don’t rub your wrists together to spread the perfume, rubbing it will heat it up and change the way it smells- a little bit like drinking warm white wine or champagne (it’s a no from me!).

Modern Muse Le Rouge is out NOW- so go and get it if you fancy smelling like Kendall Jenner (or just sexy and sultry ya know).

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