Skincare focus: Wrinkles!

IMG_8211You may be surprised to see the word ‘Wrinkles’ included in the title of this post, but yes you read correctly.  People who harp on about prevention being better than cure are absolutely spot on, now with wrinkles of course you can’t prevent them unless you are brave enough to go ‘under the knife’ so to speak, but you can keep your skin in the best possible condition to prepare for later life. Now at 21 I feel like I should have my skincare routine already sorted it out as in your 20’s you see the first signs of ageing. I however haven’t quite found products that I can actually stick with (or be bothered to follow through with…woops!) Lack of sleep, stress and excessive caffeine consumption don’t contribute well to my skins health, not to mention all that dragging and pulling from misinformed make-up removal as a teen and I think now is the time to do something about my face before it’s too late (cue dramatic music!).

You may know from previous posts on my blog that I have an awesome partnership with Bonjour HK where I get to sample some of the best Asian Skincare and Beauty products which is always refreshing compared to what the UK market has to offer. I received an email asking what I would be most interested in sampling for my site and seeing as getting my skin in order is my primary concern I thought it would be great to go down that route first. 

Swiss Plus Anti Wrinkle Gel Patch Eye Mask: Approx £11.64*
##4  ##10 I absolutely adore under eye patches, they always make me feel rejuvenated and refreshed, and if you’re really lucky they actually make the eye area look visibly improved. Swiss Plus contains repairing properties which revitalize the layers of skin whilst boosting the amount of moisture in the area. The eye patches feature Nano-Vita-E that tightens, brightens and smooths fine and dry lines. For me the ingredients and claims are a whole load of jargon to me and really the true test is how well they work. The pack advises you to use them 5 times in your first week and then 3 times a week subsequently, despite being pricey I have no problem with excessive use as I find they soothe my tired eyes. Whilst I can’t tell a difference in terms of lines and wrinkles yet they definitely make my under eyes seem fuller and less sallow, they also make you *feel* better which is worth it if you ask me. I will continue to use these over a longer period of time to see whether I really can combat those crows feet!

 Dr. Bauer Ionic Wrinkle Ironer*: Approx £18.96##5  ##11I love a good gadget or two which is why my cleansing brush is one of my prized possessions, this however is other worldly. To use you simply apply any liquid product to your face you choose, make contact with the silver plate on the ironer and as contact is made the device will heat up to 40-45 ℃. It is intended to be massaged roughly three times over in a gentle manner, this is to improve your wrinkles by boosting collagen and restoring resilience. However wrinkle care isn’t the only use for this baby, you can tailor it to any concerns you have such as: relaxation for your eyes and reduction of eye bags, focus on the mouth area if fine lines hit or to promote micro- circulation by massaging back and forth from the inner corner of your eye to reduce black circles and acne. PHEW this really is a wonder product. At first I was scared it was going to eletrocute me (seriously) but I was just being silly as it’s only battery powered and only operates when touched again wet skin. Placing cold objects on your under eye such as cucumber and ice is usually seen as the main resolutions, however you’d be surprised how beneficial the heat is; this is similar to the steam patches they sell (they are incredibly relaxing and smell gorgeous). 

 Avene Soothing Eye Contour Care*: Approx £10.77##6  ##8
 As you will know already the under eye is the most delicate part of the face and sometimes more sensitive for some than others. I find that some products can really make my eyes burn (usually the kind that state avoid eye area….yes okay I know!) so it’s reassuring to know that this is directed for Sensitive skin. The formulation is comprised of Thermal Spring Water and Alpha Bisabolol which both calm redness, tightness and irritation. The cream is moisturising and helps protect the eye area whilst remaining paraben free. I have only tried the water spray from this brand prior to the cream and loved it so had high hopes that weren’t shot down. The cream wasn’t greasy or sticky and I actually remember to apply it morning and evening. I haven’t noticed a huge improvement as my eye area wasn’t particularly irritated or red before, however it was great to use a product that didn’t sting my eyes or inflame my skin.

Let me know if any of these products caught your eye, or if you already use Asian Skincare.

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