Life Tonics: Coconut soft drinks

#1 #4   #6 Food and drink releases fill me with incomprehensible excitement and intrigue;most wait for the seasonal Fashion collections and latest Eyeshadow palettes whilst I am sat stuffing my face thinking ‘Wow I wish I looked like that!’, yes I hate to say it but most of my money is spent on culinary indulgences (not that I can even cook very well…). My favourite subscription boxes would always lean towards Food and Lifestyle, and for me the new drinks releases were always the most enjoyable. Luckily after a pretty dry spell of sampling new delights Life Tonics have arrived with an exciting soft drink comprised of coconut water and natural fruit extracts. #2 The range consists of:

Coconut & Mint

Dalandan Orange

Elderberry and Juniper

Life Tonics combine bold, tantalising flavours packed with fortified minerals, vitamins AND an isotonic formulation, ensuring they are not only perfect for hydration but an energising taste explosion on the go. The sweetness of the drinks have been created from only natural fruit extracts combined with natural sweetener Stevia.

They contain only 90 calories and are suitable for a Low GI diet

I have to be honest and admit that I don’t really ever check out calories in drinks or count them towards my daily food intake, however after drinking these you honestly feel full up! I usually drink water all day so these are a nice switch up to my routine and something to enjoy during lunch time in the hot weather or walking home after a long day. Prior to Life Tonics I didn’t actually like Coconut water after a relatively bad experience with very warm Coco Vita on a packed train (wah!), but mixed with the punchy fruit and sweetener I have completely changed my opinion which is proven by how I downed all three in just one day they were truly delicious.
#9 The Coconut and Mint flavour was my favourite, it reminded me of a Non-Alcoholic cocktail and was perfect for a Friday afternoon pick me up; I envisaged sipping it down a sun emblazoned beach on a lounger…  The Dalandan Orange is ideal if you don’t like coconut water at all as you can’t taste it, the orange really takes over this drink and is a fruity delight! The Elderberry and Juniper features more potent Coconut back-notes but still has a dominant fruit inclusion. They are absolutely best served cold, but I drank the Coconut and Mint relatively warm whilst out and it was still amazing…says a lot really!#7
#10 Life Tonics are available from WH Smith and Waitrose this Summer for £1.49 per bottle. Even if you don’t like coconut water I would definitely recommend giving one a whirl as I am a genuine convert and currently drinking the Dalandan Orange as I type this up!

You can find Life Tonics here if you fancied a little browse (or chat):




14 thoughts on “Life Tonics: Coconut soft drinks

  1. These sound like a good alternative to when you fancy something a bit more than just plain water! I have to admin I hate coconut water on it’s own however I recently tried some mixed with pineapple and it was really nice! So I’d deffo give the coconut and mint one a try 🙂

    Gabby xo



  2. I do love coconut water, (my other half thinks it tastes like cereal milk?!) so these sound like something I would love, especially the mint one, that sounds so refreshing. Oh and I’m the same as you, I think nothing of buying all sorts of foody indulgences but rarely buy new beauty products aha xx


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