She Inside Collab

collage  #####1 Despite no longer retaining a third of my title (aka ‘Blonde’) I still approach the colour yellow with trepidation. Don’t get me wrong some people look amazing in yellow and pull together some pretty chic outfits (this is after some lengthy pinterest sessions) and henceforth where I got the inspiration to bite the bullet on this ‘Yellow Biker Jacket’*. I haven’t shopped on She Inside before but have seen some beautiful collaborations amongst Bloggers; after receiving an email that cheered up a month of turmoil I shortly received a pretty package containing this jacket. 

My initial plan for this jacket was pruned and preened on Polyvore featuring a striped top, a sheer maxi skirt, pastel heels and a clutch bag. I think I have had my fair share of the nautical theme this Summer however and wanted to pair it with something I haven’t had a chance to showcase yet. This beautiful white culotte jumpsuit is from New Look (and unfortunately out of stock now) and has a small amount of it in black left here (I really want it too buy payday isn’t soon enough, wah!). The main reason it hadn’t got wear yet was because I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, and the bottom section of the jumpsuit is kind of a little see through…I decided that if I am wearing white underwear then who cares it’s a beautiful piece. I decided there wasn’t a necessity to overload on accessories and details, and loved how the vibrancy of the white was brought out from the contrasting tone of the jacket.
#7The jacket is approx £16 in the sale at the moment which is a complete bargain in my opinion! It’s the perfect lightweight addition to your Summer wardrobe, and as it gets pretty windy down here on the South Coast I am going to be needing the protection. 

28 thoughts on “She Inside Collab

  1. I like how you styled your hair in these photos and that jacket is really nice! You look good in yellow! I need to buy some bright colored pieces for my closet!

    Jessica |


  2. I think pairing it with a white ensemble was the perfect way to wear yellow. I love yellow (its my favorite color) but I find that I don’t wear it all that much because its so bright and strong. This post is an inspiration about how easy it can be to wear yellow. Ps–loving your up-do!



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