New Look Festival Essentials

 If you are anything like me then festival packing is tough, I find it hard enough to minimize my travel bag (s!) for a weekend back home; a weekend with a nice warm shower, a hair-dryer and luxuries a plenty, let alone camping for days in the wilderness…(ok ok, slight exaggeration, but the lack of showers give me the creeps). In terms of Festival Fashion New Look is ALWAYS my first port of call, the prices are reasonable, the quality is usually pretty good and the selection is even better. I of course know that most of us will still want a stash of trusty basic make-up, make-up removers and tonnes of anti-bac but I have planned out a pretty good starting point for my premature organisation.  
You may not feel like it right now but the key to festival fashion is to be a chilled out chic and willing to wear things more than once as packing light is absolutely essential, not to mention you have to be aware that once you leave your tent you could potentially be waving goodbye to what is inside there- (depends what festival you are at mind!). I have picked some key pieces from New Look for a cute but prepared look that should take you through the weekend. 
New Look Festival Look: Sun
If you are lucky enough to have sunshine then the high neck Acid Wash Tee and White Aztec Hotpants will work perfectly paired with the Block Heel Bootsthis then means you can pop on the Suedette Sleeveless Jacket the next day to spruce up your look without having to pack too many clothes. A Clear Mac is essential of course as you never know what will happen whilst away and drenched clothes the day after is NOT healthy. I also think there’s no harm in throwing in a Checked Shirt too, you can tie it around your waist if your shorts get a bit muddy/ dirty or actually wear it underneath the suede jacket if you are feeling chilly. Definitely take some wellies even if the sun is out, pick up some that are reasonably priced and you can leave behind in the tent; with boots naturally you also need socks so make sure you come prepared. Despite taking a holdall for your weekend pieces it’s well worth getting a bum bag, they are the safest way to keep hold of your phone- which can be kept in this cute drawstring bag, and a small coin purse- this studded one is super cute. In terms of valuables New Look sell a portable charger kit which you need to charge before you go away but is brilliant in emergencies. Hair scrunchies and lip balm wouldn’t go a miss either, be prepared for messy hair and lack of make-up. 

21 thoughts on “New Look Festival Essentials

  1. NL is always great for this sort of thing as you want to look good but not spend a lot of money in case they get wrecked! I feel like they’ve really upped the anti as well sponsoring wireless this year. First outfit is my fab, rain or not! Hehe xx


  2. I’m so into this type of a look right now and that hat is something I must have right now! Love these outfit posts – sometimes I get into a rut with my clothing and it’s nice to spice it up! xx


  3. Oh my gosh, I will pack an entire giant suitcase for just one weekend lol. I love that see-through raincoat! Then you can still show off your outfit even if it’s raining, not that I have to worry about that sort of thing anymore lol!



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