F&F Occasionwear

With Wimbledon, The Races and the most desirable season for a wedding, Summer is the best excuse to dress up and more importantly indulge in a little shopping.  F&F at Tesco have the most breathtaking Occasion Wear  with style help for Summer parties, The Races and Wedding Guests catering for all tastes AND sizes- finally I was able to see gorgeous options in a size 6 which I really struggle to hunt down through supermarket offerings. If you are unsure about how the dresses will fit you it does state in the description for example with the shift dress I chose before purchasing I knew that it would sit just above the knee. I also love how clothes sites are now choosing to include a mini catwalk video so that you can have a 3D view of the clothes and how they really hang rather than floating in a white sea of internet space!#8  #9 After long deliberation of whether a maxi dress would fit me or not I was persuaded by this Signature Embellished Collar Floral Organza Dress*, now that I’ve stuck with the brown hair I am embracing yellow as much as possible, it’s the ideal mood booster and Summer party accompaniment. The dress is designed to be loose fitting due to the design and the opposite of what I would usually go for, but it proves as a really classy dress that can be worn for most hot weather occasions. It costs £50 and before it arrived I had much trepidation about whether the quality would live up to the price tag, and in most parts I think it does. I am a reluctant spender particularly when I am budgeting so spending £50 on anything is a big spend for me, however the fabric is thick and high quality. The embellishment on the collar is a nice touch and no beads and gems were missing which is a plus, however it would be a hand wash only item which can be slightly irritating but worth it for a pretty dress. 

I think sometimes we have a misconception that if something is ‘Primark’ or ‘Supermarket’ branded that it SHOULD have a lower price tag than other high street stores, but I slightly disagree with this if you are expecting higher quality. The Occasion Wear collection is definitely worth spending a bit more especially when it still proves cheaper than other stores with similar offerings such as Whistles. You could buy a dress for Summer elsewhere but it depends whether you want it as a one off or a longer lasting addition to your wardrobe, I’m somewhere in the middle!

#1 I absolutely adore these Stack Heel Platform Sandals* which are only £17 in the sale at the moment for the blue, or £22 for the tan- they are both welcome in my shoedrobe! They have an 11cm heel and add some character to a shift dress which can lose some of it’s sparkle when not worn with a nice heel. They are also really comfortable as well as looking cute- win win! I picked up a Braided Fedora* for £10 as days that reach 34 degrees and an already sunburnt head can’t be without one, it also helps mask bad hair days and Monica esque frizz disasters. 


15 thoughts on “F&F Occasionwear

  1. You look lovely, yellow really suits you! I love the length of that dress as well it’s so flattering. I love finding good clothes in supermarkets – I always think people are less likely to have the same thing! Also yaaay to see you blogging again!

    Amy x


  2. Amy is right, yellow looks beautiful on you, especially as a brunette. I love that even although you are dressed for a special occasion – you still look like you. Lovely outfit x


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