Vanilla Underground


Vanilla Underground  is my latest Fashion discovery and not just for super cool clothes but also totally awesome gifts. They stock retro and unique pieces focusing on TV, gaming, music and pop culture which couldn’t be more up my street. With such an awesome selection to choose from it was difficult picking just one piece- where would I start? Pete and I have had our eye on some pop figures for a while and he’s hounded me specifically for the Predator one, however I decided to settle on a selfish decision of clothes and that I would treat him for our anniversary. After much deliberation I whittled my list down to the Junk Food New York City Dress reminiscent of the Lennon NYC shirt shoot in ’74 and the ’72 song New York City. 

##1 ##2 I love the chilled out, relaxed fit of this dress perfect for Summer days and versatile enough to be styled up or down. I popped it on for a picnic in the park, hence the lack of accessorys and bare feet, but for me this is where the dress works best. Since the dress arriving I have worn it about the house and out and about which proves how attached I have become to it already. Junk Food are one of my favourite brands that Vanilla Underground stock and well worth a look if you haven’t seen them before. 

##4 ##5

The Star Wars selection is where I will be heading to next to pick my boyfriend (and maybe myself) a few treats up, whilst being supremely tempted to be a traitor and pick up a Slytherin mug!If you love popular culture or are looking for a quirky gift- especially a fathers day one then the site is well worth a look, I can sit on it for hours!

You can find the lovely lot on Twitter here

27 thoughts on “Vanilla Underground

  1. Ahhhh! I love this dress. So cute for summer or to throw over a swimsuit and head to the beach. I’m looking forward to the Star Wars selection. It is my guy’s favorite. I swear he’s a kid at heart lol 🙂 Superb post!


  2. I love having chill, comfortable clothes that still make a statement just like this dress. You have an awesome eye for fashion! This looks awesome on you and you’ll have to let me know if you ever come to this side of the ocean to New York!


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