Jewellery box: Dinosaurs and gems

As I’ve got older I have opted for unique, independent brands compared to the previous coveted ‘on trend’ high street jewellery pieces, partially due to the lack of quality but mostly because they weren’t timeless. What I love most about Jewellerybox is that the prices are affordable as well as the pieces encompassing quality with unique and ageless designs such as birthstones and charms that are presented in the most beautiful manner. 

After browsing the site (with the very generous option to pick what I took a fancy to) I was immediately fascinated by the dinosaur options, they stock Designosaur who create laser cut wooden necklaces, my favourite is the velociraptor but in terms of wearability for everyday I adore my Sterling Silver 3D Brontosaurus charm (£12), perfect for the imminent Jurassic World film. 

#8 If quirky and unique isn’t your thing then classic jewellery is what Jewellery box does well, this Sterling Silver 7 Inch Angel wing charm bracelet is only £7.80 and would make a delicate, thoughtful gift for anyone who favours silver, simply jewellery. 

Amethyst is the birth stone for February and one I usually opt for as it’s Peter’s birth month, I am not a huge fan of my own, Topaz and think that it’s a nice, subtle keepsake. The Sterling Silver rings available are an amazing price at just £12.80 with sizes I-U available, instead the irritating S-L (which makes it quite complicated to work out which you will fit usually). The one I received is here and despite the modest price it is stamped, available for next day delivery and has a free postage option over £10 which you would get with this beauty.

 I am definitely partial to silver, delicate jewellery so all three of these pieces will have a special place in my jewellery box as well as accessories to many outfits, they don’t steal the limelight so can dress up casual pieces or accentuate an evening outfit. If you are looking to buy yourself or someone else a treat then you won’t be disappointed as you don’t have spend a tonne of money to get gorgeous pieces that are presented in a lovely safe keeping box. #4 #6

Do you prefer unique designs or timeless, classic pieces?

You can find Jewellerybox here:


28 thoughts on “Jewellery box: Dinosaurs and gems

  1. OMG I am obsessed with the dino necklace! The movie Jurassic World is coming out soon so I guess I better get my hands on one soon 🙂 Great post as always love!


  2. I’m really bad about buying cheap jewelry and then tossing it after a few months when it starts to get rusty. It ends up being more expensive than just buying quality. I’m the same as you, the older I get, the more I want quality over quantity. Great post!!


  3. Oh these are adoraaaable ❤
    Totally loving that dinosaur necklace so much, and well the bracelet and the ring as well!! Pretty!

    So glad that I found your blog! Would you like to check out mine and perhaps if you like we can follow each other and keep in touch? 🙂

    Anyhow, have a wonderful week!!

    XOXO, HaeMin


  4. I love how timeless the simpler jewelry is, but I must admit I’m a bit of a quirk and LOVE the dinosaur necklace. That fits me perfectly. Thank you for sharing this brand! I love it. I might have to buy myself a dinosaur necklace 🙂
    Brooke | brookewrote


  5. Wow girl, these are stunning! I absolutely love the dinosaur. What a cutie.

    I’m exactly the same now when it comes to jewellery. Unique pieces are my calling! 😀 xxxx


  6. I need some new jewellery asap, I’ll definitely be checking their website out- that necklace is SO cute. Just discovered your blog, I love the design with your photos, plus you are gorgeous!


  7. OMG love the dinosaur necklace! I have been obsessed with dinosaurs ever since I was 2 years old and watched Jurassic Park for the first time. I even went to watch the newest Jurassic World film the day it came out.

    I definitely need a dino necklace asap!

    Much love!


  8. I’ve seen these boxes of jewellery everywhere the past couple of days, they are so beautifully wrapped! The dinosaur necklace is adorable,i do think i prefer classic piece that i know can be re worn with pretty much everything 🙂 xxx


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