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This weeks food and drink highlights

#2 Hayes and Jarvis have been celebrating World Cocktail Day with this post where they share some exotic beauties visiting Mauritius for inspiration; my personal favourite being the ‘Cucumber Lime Cooler’ (sounds super refreshing right?!). I however don’t have exotic holidays to inspire, I have sunny Worthing instead to contend with and funnily enough I don’t have any complaints. In celebration of World Cocktail Day I was asked what my favourite cocktail was and in true Summer style I opted for Pina Colada, as I actually have a few favourites (who doesn’t love the occassional booze up). I was kindly set the cutest mini boston cocktail set and a mini bottle of rum to get creating and I certainly did. I made myself and Pete some refreshments for a chilled out Sunday and luckily for me Pete doesn’t really like coconut so I got two drinks for the price of one! BONUS!#1 Pizza has to be my absolute weakness and I am sure many of you will agree. Since January I was adamant that I would be fit and trim for Summer, exercising everyday and monitoring what I ate, well these past two weeks have proven rather stressful so exercise has gone out the window and pizza has entered- why not? Especially when you can get a discount! My Voucher Codes are offering 35 percent off a £35 spend- you can get the code here if you’re feeling peckish (it’s not an affiliate link don’t worry :)), but I was lucky enough to get a delicious pizza for free and got to choose from new Domino’s pizza toppings! I would definitely recommend Vegi Volcano if you want a little spice but want some veg to cut through the greasiness and stodge that can build up, or the new Chicken Tikka that has onion bhajis on it for something a little bit different! I have to admit nothing beats my old favourite classic pizza- Hawaiian!

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16 thoughts on “This weeks food and drink highlights

  1. I love the mini bar set! And that pizza looks…well good enough to make my break my vegetarian, wheat free lifestyle! Ugh, I could almost smell it through the screen! ❤️


  2. Pizza is a definite weakness of mine too! It sounds like you’ve been exercising hard and eating well so you’re deffo allowed a few weeks off! (I have been known to take a lot more than a few off… oopsie!) I wish I liked Pina Colada but coconut just doesn’t quite cut it for me… Strawberry Daquiris though… yum!

    Sarah xxx || http://www.whatsasssays.com


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