Seen In the City: Woolovers Style Challenge Part Two

IMG_5180 (1)

As promised I am back with my part two of the Woolovers style challenge thanks to the beauties at Seen in the CityI have to admit reverting from my slouchy jumper ways was difficult but I managed to break free and even put on my white jeans for the first time since purchasing them- SHOCKER! Last week I styled the Cashmere V Neck * for a beach day hereToday I styled it for a shopping date; for me my outfit posts are based on wearability and as much as outlandish pieces that exude heaps of personality are fab I just wear what I like and I feel comfortable in.

I love taking long strolls around Worthing and after going about my day to day business I took a walk down a backstreet road and found this beautiful floral garden that was the perfect place to relax and a Spring back drop (I can only wish that I actually had a garden myself!)
IMG_5181 (1)
IMG_5185 (1) ##1

IMG_5175 (1)

Prior to these two style challenges I had no idea that I could make jumpers let alone cashmere Summer/Spring wearable but thanks to the English weather you totally can. Unfortunately I did pick a belter of a day to pop on a coatigan and a jumper but once the evening breeze had kicked in it was all okay again. 
IMG_5163 (1)

Both the shoes and jeans are from Topshop as occasionally you have to give in to indulgence, but the Coatigan was a New Look sale steal from last year and has got SO much wear that I definitely recommend you pick one up for those in-between days. 

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine!

16 thoughts on “Seen In the City: Woolovers Style Challenge Part Two

  1. Oh my gosh those SHOES! I need them! I love that you’re sharing ways to make winter-y clothes wearable in the spring. It’s really nice to get more seasonal wear out of expensive pieces like that cashmere sweater!


  2. I love coatigans Jess. It makes a good transitional wardrobe staple. I envy you as you pulled off white jeans really well. I could never make it looks good on me. Xx


  3. What a perfect outfit, i love how you’ve styled the cardigan – so right it really is perfect for English weather however much we need the sun! I adore those flats too, i really need some! The floral garden is beautiful too! Hope you have a fab weekend hun 🙂 xxx


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