Eggs for energy!

I read a lot of comments and conversations about just eating egg whites and how they are healthy AND delicious but to avoid the yolk as it’s fattening and causes cholesterol; I on the other hand ALWAYS eat the yolk it’s the yummiest part! I don’t like to worry too much about what I eat as long as everything is in moderation, I also read that yes eggs are high in cholesterol but cholesterol in the diet doesn’t mean high cholesterol in your blood,  and eating eggs makes the liver produce LESS cholesterol– it just depends on your health as an individual. 

That debate out of the way the main reasons I like to eat eggs are because they are an amazing source of protein, they are under 100 calories for a snack (no frying oil isn’t gonna cut it), they contain more calories than fat and are PACKED with vitamins A, D, E and K as well as giving you a Zinc, Iron and Copper boost. Lately my health hasn’t been tip top and I know that one of the best things to do is eat well especially when my sleep is suffering.

#1 #3 Fried eggs definitely aren’t the healthiest option but when I cook them I use a low calorie spray or pumpkin oil- fried eggs are a rare treat anyway. To combat my cravings whilst Pete has a bacon sandwich I pop in a few mushrooms for a nice bite and flavour variation. Instead of buttering the bread I like to mash some avocado over the top of some wholemeal slices for a really fuel packed breakfast to kick off the day, if you are feeling particularly hungry and run down you can blitz up a mixed berry juice too (warning for the wise, I was STUFFED!) ##7

 The Crackin’ Egg Co*##2 Boiled eggs are slowly but surely becoming one of my favourite snacks, especially as they come in at only 70 calories per pop and give me a much needed energy boost. The Crackin Egg Co have given boiled eggs a make-over sporting brightly coloured shells of yellow, red, blue and green. Each colour features a natural seasoning sachet, the ones I have been trying out are the Sweet Chilli- Red Shells, and the Sour Cream and Chive for the Green eggs. They come in packs of two for £1.59 or £3.49 or half a dozen. It’s really lazy but I find that I get on with them a lot easier than if I have to make them myself, it means you don’t have to do ANY cooking and they are really easy to peel- I actually struggle usually! If you find boiled eggs plain and boring then the sachets really spruce them up and make them a tastier snack to get your vitamins and minerals.

15 thoughts on “Eggs for energy!

  1. Loved this post! I am so sick of reading how you should only eat the yolk. It is a sad time when we are afraid of getting fat from an egg – totally disregarding all the other benefits you mentioned. I eat them about four days a week as I don’t eat meat and need the protein.


  2. I always eat the yolk, as you say it is the best part! And I think as long as you’re healthy you don’t need to worry about cholesterol in them at all.

    Amy x


  3. Eggs and avocado on toast is the way to go! One of my favorite morning meals 🙂 Or even dinner meals if I’m looking for something easy and healthy to whip up!


  4. I eat the yall too: it can be a danger for your cholesterol only if you abuse of it!
    I love eating eggs. Sometime I eat them for breakfast when I need extra energy during the day but it isn’t usual here in Italy. What is usual, instead, it’s eating them for dinner (the tipical Frittata combined with potatoes, zucchini or onion)!

    ps: really good blog!


  5. Aw thanks girl your comments always make me smile 🙂 You seem like YOU’D be the nicest person to be friends with! I’m seriously obsessed with eggs. Lately I’ve been eating avocado toast with slice hard boiled eggs on top. I can’t get enough!



  6. Toast with avocado and egg on top is my favourite breakfast. I also love the eggyolk. High cholesterol in your body only kicks in if you eat food with high calories in excess. Xx


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