Summer Party Dressing: Polyvore

Summer Party Dressing With The RealReal: Contest Entry
As you may have noticed from my late night interactions on Social Media, my insomnia is starting to take its toll again. It’s frustrating and makes me emotional but on the plus side it gives me spare time to play about on sites like Polyvore- woohoo! Predominantly I used Polyvore for channelling my frustration at how my wardrobe is so cluttered,  I can’t even think straight to piece an outfit together, however recently I have enjoyed browsing the explore page as well as the contests. It really helps me focus all my energy and creativity with a specific topic and helps innovate new ideas for pieces I already own. It is however enticing me to purchase a sewing machine and use my previous love for textiles to start creating the pieces I stitch inside my head. 

5 thoughts on “Summer Party Dressing: Polyvore

  1. I used to be so obsessed with Polyvore! It’s one of those things that you can do for hours on end and like never come up for air. I say, go for the sewing machine! It would be so cool if you sewed your own pieces.



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