Bonjour HK Make-Up



 Mitatvonk CC Cream (#01 Natural Beige) $16.62 (£10.73)

Mikatvonk 3D Cheek Powder (#M3) $17.90 (£11.56)

Marshmallow Puff (Pink)$5.22 (£3.37)

Fast 10’s Gel Eye Liner Pencil (#Diamond Brown) $6.69 (£4.32)

Tinted Lip Colour Stick #5 Still Retohillred $12.75 (£8.23)



 Bonjour HK are one of the nicest brands I have had the pleasure of working and chatting with, not to mention hosting a treasure trove of treats on their website. We have such an array of Beauty goodies in England already with new releases every week- you only have to check out the Beauty blogisphere to find out, but browsing Asian Make-up and Skincare you come to realise how much you are missing out on. There will be familiar faces such as the traditional CC cream and Beauty Blender but with a new thought process behind the design and product which is why I love them so much! 

This month I was lucky enough to receive some make-up staples that form the basis of my everyday looks. I had held my Beauty Blender in such high regard since receiving it and not felt compelled to apply my foundation any other way, however since I received the Marshmallow Puff (such a cute name btw) it actually made my life EVEN easier. I find the slight tapering helps apply my make up evenly across my face and naturally blend across the nose and eye area. It’s also really resilient and easy to clean off which is a plus as my Beauty Blender shed like crazy. It’s only £3.37 at the moment so I feel obliged to pick up a couple more for my stash. 


 I received two products from Mikatvonk which was a brand introduction to me so I was intrigued to see how they faired. I expected the CC Cream  to blend well with my own skin tone but instead it was a very cool, light tone. This shouldn’t be held in a negative respect however as I found it really helped toned down the redness and worked as a great base before applying my concealer and foundation; I am naturally pale so who’d have thought I’d want to be lighter, but it really does help those skin concerns effectively. The second product I received from them was a beautiful cheek powder which is really pigmented, you only need the slightest application of it to get a rosy glow. I used my Spectrum Brushes domed brush to apply it and it worked like a dream. I tend to use the left hand side topped up with the smallest brush of the right as it can come across rather bright- on the plus side it will last a really long time!#5

 The VOV Lip colour stick is like a revelation to me, aimed predominantly for ombre style lip colourings but works wonderfully for a long lasting, matte colour. It can become a little drying if you are prone to dehydrated skin so make sure you add a little moisturiser or gloss if that’s the case, but I don’t find any problems with it. It’s twist top and crayon like texture proves for a quick and easy application with a domed sponge at the other end to blend the colour across your lips. It’s the perfect addition to your make-up look if you are planning on eating or drinking as it’s really long lasting due to its nature. 

If you hadn’t noticed I have gone off wearing eyeliner as a whole, I am not sure what prompted me but I have wearing a lot less make-up as time goes by and becoming aware of how a full face can really age you. I do however love using the Beauty People Fast 10’s liner on the lower inner lid, I know some people vouch that it can make your eyes appear smaller but I find it gives them a dynamic look without plastering on too much make-up; it actually opens them up for me.


For my make-up look I combined all of the Bonjour HK products, paired with my Revlon Colourstay Foundation, Meet Matte palette: Matt Singh and Matt Molloy, Make-up Revolution: Essential Shimmers and Urban Decay Perversion.

Have you tried Asian Make-up products before?

6 thoughts on “Bonjour HK Make-Up

  1. I love it all. And such a true statement in wearing too much makeup then consequently adding years to your face! Less is more when it comes to coverage, though you have gorgeous skin. I’m sitting here thinking, my word is her skin porcelain?!?! So beautiful!


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