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I’ve got to be honest two words I seldom stick together are: quality and inexpensive. Spectrum Brushes caught my eye first and foremost through their ethics standing as a vegan and cruelty free make-up brush brand. Don’t just assume that your make-up accessories are cruelty free, check out this article from PETA if you wanted the basic lowdown ( I am not a fully fledged vegetarian, but think that it’s really important to be in the know, and also be aware of the pro’s and con’s too).

Spectrum brushes set themselves apart with a vibrant, bold design paired with beautifully soft synthetic hair. I can absolutely vouch for the fact that you will want to be brushing them all over yourself before you even get to their main (and probably most important) purpose of using them for make-up application. 





Large Domed Powder £8.99

Tulip Powder £8.99

Domed Buffer £8.99

Domed Setting Brush £6.99




 Large Domed PowderThis bad boy is perfect for applying a layer of powder or an all over highlighter/bronzer. It doesn’t pick up TOO much product so is really more tailored to a finishing powder or touch up. I am prone to oily skin so I like to use this throughout the day when my skin needs to be mattified, or I am starting to look a little tried and I need a glow! (That happens a lot…)

Tulip PowderSpectrum brushes hype this up as the brush to be used for contouring, working perfectly for darker shades near the hairline and highlights to the brow bone and bridge of the nose. However I have a huge confession: I have never contoured. I actually like using this for precision application of my foundation when I am not using my beauty blender, it gives a focused application as the bristles are a lot more compact than the large domed brush.

Domed Buffer:  For me personally this is the perfect brush to apply some highlighter or bronzer to the apples of my cheeks, the rounded bristles make it really easy to use for precise application and it picks up enough product. I do like using my NARS contour brush for my cheeks, but this is a great alternative without the shedding of hair. 

Domed Setting Brush: This is the small version of the large domed powder brush, posing as a multi purpose wonder that is a whizz at highlighter, bronzer or an all over finishing powder. If you have to pick ONE brush then this would be the one I recommend. 


Spectrum Brushes:




*Spectrum Brushes sent me these products free of charge

22 thoughts on “Spectrum Make-up Brushes

  1. I love Spectrum brushes too, they’re so affordable for the quality! I have a different set to these but have had my eye on these pastel gems for ages now. I have a flat topped (kabuki) one which is honestly a game-changer for foundation application 🙂



  2. These look so cute! (Also loving the cheeky polaroid, aesthetics, u have them). I’m always looking for more brushes, but they’re always more expensive than I’m willing to pay (student woes) so these look like a really nice alternative!

    Fii || little miss fii


  3. Ah, I love the colors! I’m such a sucker for anything blue :). It doesn’t hurt that the price is amazing and they are cruelty free. I hadn’t heard of these so thank you for sharing! xx


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