Fairy Tale Gourmet: ‘C by Cinderella’ Chocolate Slipper




 Fairy Tale Gourmet have been on my radar for a while, last year I indulged in a few impulse purchases, my favourite being the Salted Caramel Spread that’s available here for £4.95- forget about it as a topping you will literally be eating it by the spoonful! Fairy Tale Gourmet haven’t asked me to write a review nor am I being compensated for this post but as you can see from the reveal of the photographs it is too impeccably perfect to not share with you guys. ##3 ##4

No matter what age you are you will have your favourite Disney film that you could/can’t get enough of, Pete’s being Beauty and the Beast and my personal overplayed VHS being Cinderella. I am not sure if it was because I was hoping for a fairytale myself or whether I was entranced by the possibility of magic being granted in the form of a Fairy Godmother (which my Grandma is anyway!). Envisaging Cinderella’s slipper in chocolate form definitely was exceeding by Fairy Tale Gourmet’s representation of this iconic, I have seen other companies recreate high heels and other shapes in chocolate, but most of the time resembling that of a generic mould and tasting of advent calender squares.  This is certainly a different story and looks just as beautiful as it tastes.   

Small Milk Chocolate Slipper £8.95

##7 ##8

 The Cinderella collection consists of three varieties of the slipper in Milk, White and Dark chocolate form, I opted for milk as I find it to be the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. It features 40 percent cocoa milk chocolate and is painted in edible shimmering blue (it looks purple to me….but the site says blue :)). The centre is filled with gooey strawberry flavoured marshmallow that is suitable for vegetarians, gluten free AND low fat- wow three in one! ##9 I was concerned that the focus would be leaned towards the sleek packaging and impressive design but the actual quality of the chocolate is surprisingly smooth and creamy; the marshmallow centre is just the cherry on top of the cake giving it a sweet, fruity surprise. 

The slipper is pricey granted, but not for the care and quality. It would ideally work as a special gift- yourself or anyone you warrant as deserving as you 😉

23 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Gourmet: ‘C by Cinderella’ Chocolate Slipper

  1. This is so adorable and I would absolutely love to try it considering I have an unhealthy obsession with Disney! My favorite was always Aladdin but Cinderella is such a classic. This would be a perfect gift for another Disney lover.


  2. How adorable are these!! The slippers so do not look like chocolate, it’s a lot of money for a chocolate but its very nice for a presents or an indulgent treat 🙂 xxx


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