#TPSMemoriesMatter for Alzheimer’s


Just a little heads up before I begin this is NOT A SPONSORED POST I am just always excited and willing to promote anything that’s going to help a charity, particularly one that I feel is close to home.

Last year The Perfume Shop partnered with Alzheimers Research UK to raise awareness of the intrinsic link between scent and memory and it was so successful they are running it again. Alzheimer’s UK explains it perfectly here –‘smell can fast track to a person’s past, and losing smells, which can be an early effect of diseases like Alzheimer’s, can mean losing emotions associated with the smell, with lifetime memories ultimately vanishing forever’. My Grandad is actually a sufferer himself and I didn’t even know the finer details so I found this article here to be really illuminating, it explains more about the campaign and also how you can be affected by the disease. It really is an all consuming, devastating disease and makes it ever more poignant when you see it unfold in front of your eyes, your whole life becomes eaten away like decay and therefore fundraising to me is really important and necessary.

If you wanted to help all you need to do is tweet between Saturday 16th May to Sunday 25th May, with your  favourite scent memory to @theperfumeshop using #TPSMemoriesMatter and The Perfume Shop will donate £1 for every post, isn’t that amazing? And such an easy, personal way to get involved. If you did however want a little shop or have any celebrations coming up then they are also running fundraising initiatives in store through £1 gift wrapping, the ability to donate at the end of checkout through your basket OR text DEFEAT to 70099 and donate £2.



For me personally nothing beats the smell of rain on a hot pavement during Summer, the smell of a handmade rose bath bomb or unconventionally petrol being pumped into a car. However when we are discussing perfumes I have to say that I have two firm favourites and both for their delicious musky scents. Ultimate Seduction by Laurent Mazzone was launched in 2014 aiming to convey the feeling of desire, seduction, obsession, infatuation and addiction, it is a unisex scent but lures me in with it’s powdery florals and sweet overtones. Equally Ghost Deep Night is unmatched by anything I have ever tried to replace it with, it’s been around since 2001 is once again a very floral scent with a fresh, fruity blend. It is described as ideal for everyday wear but I like to save this for special occasions particularly in the evening. I have many memories linked to my perfumes and when I smell them I am instantly transported back in time, the same can go what others wear and it can be really nostalgic to get an unexpected ‘Time Turner’! I couldn’t imagine my life without smell and I definitely couldn’t imagine my life affected by Dementia. 

Please please get involved with contributing to Alzheimer’s Research UK, even if you can’t afford to donate all it takes is one tweet for The Perfume Shop to donate on your behalf. 

12 thoughts on “#TPSMemoriesMatter for Alzheimer’s

  1. I love posts like this to promote awareness or to help a charity. On another note, I also love unisex scents. There is something intriguing and unique on those type of scents. Xx


  2. What a lovely post – I had no idea about this campaign but it’s so lovely and I will definitely be tweeting! Also I totally agree about the smell of rain on pavement!

    Amy x


  3. What a great cause! My grandpa actually passed away from Alzheimers in 2009 😦 On a lighter note, I love the smell of fresh cut grass!


  4. Such a lovely post and great to hear about such nice things that people do for charity! I’m always up for doing my bit for charity and love the packaging of these… I’m all over white musk at the minute and these sound perfect xx

    > ♥


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