Brighton Marina: Medium Spices & an OOTD


Blossom in full force standing oblivious to the blustering winds we set off back ‘home’ for a Brighton trip. After having a perfectly situated flat looking out on the seafront sunrises we rarely gave the Marina a second thought, in fact this was our second visit. The thought of an industrial car park with a Mcdonalds and Wetherspoons over glistening sea view picnics was never a contest, that was until we realised the beauty of a port view Nandos and balcony beverage with the sun beating down on you without the mass of giggling tourists rushing past and shading your tan (no-one wants that). You see when you’re a tourist you enjoy exploring and savouring the foreign sights, however when you are an observer of tourists every day you become understandably annoyed at the absence of any sense of peace. The Marina is a great day out and a snippet of Brighton’s beauty without stress, the perfect way to whittle away Spring days that you have free. 



Wishing that you were rich enough to own a yacht will obviously cross your mind and then the inevitable conversation of- ‘but who would be steering it?’ And ‘would it be too windy to sunbathe on it?’, whilst thinking ‘why aren’t we going to that floating Chinese Restaurant instead of Nandos?!’. I had a Nandos gift card so there was no way I was going to sacrifice that for a paying meal, heaven forbid- however this is the second time I have turned down Chinese on a boat, third time lucky eh?

 #12 #13

If you’re a regular Nando’s visitor (JEALOUS) and haven’t had the pittas and dip before then something is seriously wrong- you have to. I could seriously sit through three plates full of this before even considering my main. Speaking of mains I will always opt for ‘Medium’ but honestly is it just me or is it getting milder? HOT is definitely on my list for next trip, girl needs her spice. 

What I wore



Y’all will know how passionate I am about my Petite purchases and Miss Selfridge is a shop that never seems to disappoint, I must admit that sometimes their clothes make me feel a bit like a sausage bursting out of it’s skin and I need to size up, but that’s no problem I can always rely on the length being spot on. I have seen this floral khaki print in a few stores and on a few different clothing pieces but really feel for the skort detail on this playsuit and thought that it was a great piece for warm weather with a little bit of chilly wind. It’s currently on House of Fraser here for £25 instead of £45 at the mo too which is an absolute BARGAIN! 

14 thoughts on “Brighton Marina: Medium Spices & an OOTD

  1. Looks lovely outside and I adore your outfit! Looks so flattering on you, the v back looks so sexy! The food though ugh! Fries. Yes. Spices. Yes.


  2. I need to go to Brighton Marina, it looks so beautiful! The playsuit is beautiful and I find that their sizes can come up a little small but it looks great on you!


  3. The Marina looks absolutely beautiful,quite similar to Plymouth actually! There really isnt anything better than being by the sea and eating food! The nandos looks yummy! I love your outfit too, Miss Selfridge petite is amazing, I wish my store had more stuff in though! xxx


  4. Love, love, love this post. Your outfit is spot on, plus Nando’s and blossom… you did well girl 😉 Also, your bog looks incredible!



  5. I love your romper! Also, I’m totally digging the blog redesign. I’ve been wanting to go to Brighton for years – ever since I saw Angus Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging!


  6. Wow, you are an amazing writer. I’ve thought that about every post of yours but this one stands out! This makes me want to travel to Europe so badly – maybe next year for my birthday excursion! Not to mention, you look fabulous and those shoes are AWESOME!


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