SO…? Rio eau de toilette


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So…? fragrances have been around since the 90’s and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t remember the after gym body spray session at school. So…? with attitude have definitely come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and their ‘Eau De Toilette’ collection is ideal if you are looking for a new Summer scent on a budget. Despite having an aficionado for high end perfumes I like to savour them for special events rather than spritz them dry after everyday usage, being a student you have to compromise on these things ya know! So…? got in contact with me and asked which fragrance took my fancy the most and I of course opted for Rio as I am embracing Summer whole heartedly. I had previously tried the London body spray which is a fab handbag addition but wanted to opt for something fruity! 

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So…? Rio features Citrus, Pineapple, Mango and Melon as its top notes and immediately appealed to me likening itself to a Summer time cocktail. To accompany the fruity tones there are floral ingredients such as Jasmine, Orchid and Hibiscus paired with Amber, Vanilla and Musk as it’s base notes. If I could compare it to anything it would be the Body Shop fruit body butters, the scent omits in a similar way and is really pleasant. Once I’ve sprayed it on my wrist I want to keep smelling it and is definitely a scent for hot weather. Unfortunately we have such confused weather but even when the rain is pouring just a little spray of Rio and you will instantly be transported to a bigger and better place. It isn’t an overpowering smell and will last you a good few hours, but make sure you pop in your bag as you will want a couple of reapplications throughout the day. However for a £4.99 (usually £10) price tag for 50ml at Boots at the moment you can’t go wrong! If you are unsure of what scent you want to try first then I would definitely recommend picking up the body sprays, gone are the days of being associated with young teens, particularly with Kavita endorsing the products!

16 thoughts on “SO…? Rio eau de toilette

  1. The fragrance sounds great, but what I’m really into here is your makeup! Most especially, that eye makeup. You really have a way of mixing up your look. Gorgeous, girl!

    xoxo -Kelly


  2. This sounds amazing! I love summery scents like this. I have never actually looked into the So..? fragrances but they seem like such a bargain and a good bottle to just keep in your handbag. Also can I just say your eyeshadow looks beaut! I love the colours x

    Mapped Out Blog


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