Drink Tg Green Tea


 Fancy a cuppa? Well not everyone’s idea of a relaxing cup of tea is Green Tea or Iced Green Tea. I must admit I am slowly but surely becoming a Green Tea convert and most definitely didn’t like it before trying Drink TG but with the added ingredients it makes it much more pallet-able and tasty. Drink TG says  ‘We put our hearts, sweat, experience and own funds on the line to bring beverages that folks want – i.e. hot or cold refreshment without any of the bad stuff and a bit extra to make you feel good!’

Their iced green teas are sweetened with cane sugar and stevia whilst made with a tea infusion of real Chinese Green Tea leaves. They come in under 30 calories and make for a refreshing beverage that’s much healthier than juice or squash.


Green Tea with Ginseng and Mandarin/ Green Tea with Ginseng/ Green Tea with JuJube and Ginseng

All bring a refreshing take on traditional iced tea and hot green tea bags, ginseng features in all three of the iced teas that is great for your immune system, concentration and heart health. It’s a perennial plant with fleshy roots that is sworn by in folk medicine but is also featured in modern products such as energy drinks, herbal tea, coffee and some cosmetic preparations. My favourite combination has to be the JuJube and Ginseng, which is described as contributing a ‘sweet plum taste’ which I couldn’t agree with more, it tastes more like juice than green tea and has so many health attributes. Jujube helps with the production of collagen and is rich in protein and calcium. It works wonders AND tastes amazing! The Ginseng and Mandarin tastes equally as delicious with the zesty fruit infusion, and even the Green Tea with Ginseng alone is a lot more enjoyable than any Iced Tea I have tried.





I was apprehensive about trying the tea bags but after first sip had nothing to be worried about. The Jujube is featured again in tea bag form combined with Osmanthus for a delicate floral twist. The tea is grown in the Dao Ren peak area of Eastern China where, in ancient times, the Dao priests (Taoists) used to meditate as they cultivated the tea gardens.There are no added flavourings and is simply Green Tea (70%), Jujube Fruit (25%), Osmanthus Flower (5%), there are 15 bags per pouch and is the perfect any-time hot drink, whether it’s for a pleasant wake up call or a relaxing evening drink. It won’t give you a premature short lived caffeine high so is perfect for sustaining through the day. 



If you haven’t tried Green tea before or had a bad experience I would urge you to check out Drink TG as I have had such a positive experience with them. I never used to like Iced Tea or Green Tea so am a complete convert and would definitely recommend the Jujube in both the tea bag and cold form for you to try out if you want something low calorie, natural, healthy and tasty!

14 thoughts on “Drink Tg Green Tea

  1. I used to absolutely hate green tea (I’m not much of a tea drinker anyway) but this one seems really good? I’d so get it, but I don’t think they sell it around here… And that mug is ADORABLE x


  2. I really need to get into liking green tea! These sounds lovely, I love iced tea so I think trying iced green tea would be a good start! Your mug is sooo cute too 🙂 xxx


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