70’s style for Petite girls




If you’re petite like me then you will understand the woes of shopping for trends that you fall in love with. My main issue with most stores is that even when they DO offer specialised sections they only have about 1 to 2 pages of styles to choose from compared to the 100+ plus for the standard styles. Now don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not jumping on my high horse demanding special treatment for being short, I mean how dare I?! Yes it is annoying okay. I didn’t choose to be born short and I didn’t choose for waistbands to be made too big for my body so PLEASE PLEASE bring some more Petite options to the table and I will buy them ALL! (maybe..)However sometimes you just get lucky with a standard piece in your size and I have found that 9/10 with New Look. I NEVER under any circumstances take risks with jumpsuits and maxi dresses but when these Neppy Flares arrived low and behold they FITTED, they fitted my waist perfectly and weren’t too long, all bow down to New Look. 


Hindu Circle T-Shirt* £15.40


Grey Jersey Neppy Flares £11.99 (BARGAIN ALERT)


I must admit I was a little apprehensive in regard to the flare trend. I flicked through countless magazines and feasted my eyes on Lookbooks swooning over the Boho Summer essential but got held back after thinking about my pear shaped thighs that have now widened thanks to my squats and lunges routine. Body shape aside they really were pretty pricey on some websites and whilst £40-£50 isn’t going to break the bank for some people I just couldn’t justify forking that much out when I was having a self-image wobble. When I was having a little LARGE New Look shop these beauties immediately caught my eye, I adore jersey fabric maybe because I am a little lazy and favour comfort but also find that they are a lot more versatile than the silk patterns I have seen around-as gorgeous as they are. These flares are great if you are feeling a little short as they really elongate your body and legs, and when worn with a crop top can slim down the waist (promise!).




I am in love with this top from Tostadora*it is a skin tight strappy tank top comprised of cotton and Lycra and features a decorative Hindu Circle. I am obsessed with spirituality at the moment and feel much calmer since I have my Buddha that sits by my bedside so as soon as I saw this design I had to have it. I tucked the tank top into the flares but it looks really slimming with some jeans or ripped denim shorts. It is SO comfy (who’d have guessed that was my main priority eh) and have even been wearing it around the house. I love Tostadora as they offer a wide range of designs (your own or templates) that can be transferred on to pretty much anything, I am eyeing up some Minion, LOTR and Harry Potter pieces currently.





Mirrored sunglasses are definitely something I am beginning to feel passionate about, perhaps as much as carbohydrates. They let you snoop on people in the street without them seeing you and they also creep people out if THEY are staring at you because they are greeted with their staring eyes, winner winner right!? They also look pretty cool too, and I love the rounded shape and perspex frames. If you did want to buy them specifically then I am afraid they are New Look’s last Summer’s stock BUT they have a gorgeous range to choose from this season and also some pretty beaded bags if you don’t have a case or protections (note to self: don’t let sunglasses get annihilated and forgotten about in handbags this year)



When I had my old I-phone 4 I couldn’t care less for phone cases, in fact I despised my broken phone so much it didn’t deserve decoration in my eyes. However as soon as my 5 was on the radar I haven’t been able to stop buying cases and when they are this grooooovy and only £2 it would be rude to leave it behind. It was New Look again of course, I feel like I should start up a fan club as I am so devoted.

Folk Print Iphone 5 Case £2  #10

 Major shoe adoration for Public Desire right now, especially considering I made a huge order from them a couple of weeks back. Peep toe boots are my absolute favourite so I couldn’t resist picking them up in brown and black. The exact style is out of stock but these are pretty much a replica and the same price: Black Heeled Peeptoe Boot £29.99It’s always nice to wear something comfortable but that gives you a bit of height and now the sun is in full swing I don’t mind bearing my toes a little bit although I feel like a pedicure is on the horizon with a nice bright shade!#11

23 thoughts on “70’s style for Petite girls

  1. This look is so good on you! And I hear you, 5″2 trying to buy clothing can be such a pain :/ Loving New Look at the minute though, just want everything 🙂 Dorothy Perkins is pretty good at the minute too xx


  2. from one petite girl to another, I FEEL YOU. You look great in this ensemble! Your pictures look so good even through the reflection shows that you used an iPhone for these pictures?!? Amazinggggg! x


  3. I so love how you put this outfit together Jess. You look really fab. I know how difficult it is to style a petite frame coming from someone whose height is as same as yours but this outfit is so spot-on. Xx


  4. You look amazing in these pics, looper those trousers! I haven’t been brave enough to try the flares trend yet, not sure it would go down too well with my thighs 😉 haha xx


  5. Why are you so gorgeous all the time!? I love your top and flares so much! I love the look or mirrored sunglasses but I’m still yet to find some that suit me!


  6. Jess you look so beautiful! You shouldn’t be afraid of flares- they look incredible on you! I love the high waist on the neppy flairs too- very cute! There is no where near enough petite ranges in my opinion! It’s even worse here in Aus as we don’t have New Look! I have some friends that really struggle. I have the other problem- there is no tall ranges!! So most dresses are waaay too short for me- ahh height problems..

    Rachel xx


  7. Oh hunni your style is simply to die for. I love these flares although I’d never be able to pull them off like you have here. They really suit you! I love going into a shop & finding something that just FITS you like a glove & you’re convinced was handmade for you. It’s so exciting.

    & oh my gosh, your sunnies! So beautiful 🙂 xxxxx


  8. I belong to the short category as well, and i’d never dare purchase long flare pants, Culottes I’m fine with, but i think flate pants might drown me and more than often be too long!
    You look stunning in that outfit, and well done to new look for having it in the length that fits us shorter girls!
    I might consider scouting new look for a pair of flare pants just so i can experiment with it. I love the style of it, just hope i can pull it off!

    X, Carina
    “>Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel


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