Natural Look for London

Natural Look for London
Looking back three years ago my insecurities called for false lashes, mandatory cat eyes, red lips and copious amounts of coverage. However as the years have gone by I have realised that actually looking after my skin instead of masking my blemishes and altering my face to the unrecognisable is the better solution. I now only wear make-up about 2-3 times a week and focus on working with spot treatments and pore cleansing (Origins has been my biggest saviour). When I do wear make-up I like it to be focused on a matte, smooth face base that is still as light as my skin tone but warmed up with a nice bronzer on my cheekbones. I tend to avoid using eyeliner everyday as it becomes a security blanket that I rely on when actually without it my eyes appear much larger and brighter.
To give myself the desired matte face base I love using NO7 Beautifully Matte Make-Up Base (£10.50), it can sometimes be quite drying if your skin isn’t oil prone so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you suffer from that specifically but if you do then it works wonders. I have recently fallen in love with adding Revlon Colorstay (£9.49) on top with my beauty blender, I don’t use too much and simply dab it on in circles to conceal any redness or scars. I haven’t actually been using a concealer at all lately but instead popping the Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder (£8.19) over the top. Being ridiculously pale I sometimes find it hard to get the perfect shade without giving myself an orange tone or even a pink shade but the Golden Ivory shade works out well and doesn’t add too much colour to my skin, instead smooths and mattifies. 
I never used to understand the hype about Naked palettes or Urban Decay products that was until I tried Perversion (£17.50) for the first time and have now been hard pushed to find an alternative that makes my mascara and morning routine this easy and with such a long lash effect. Since then I have now been lucky enough to get the Naked Palette (£38) and can now 100 percent understand what the fuss is about, I love a nude, neutral eye but with lashings of shimmer to really brighten the eye up and make up for the lack of colour on the face, if you don’t have one but see it as a waste of money I would definitely assure you otherwise. 
I love MAC lipsticks but my collection always seems to increase and deplete as I struggle to keep hold of any of the shades, I am very indecisive with my colours as they change depending on my mood or season. One of my favourites however is part of the Frost collection- ‘Fabby’anything that works well with a tan and sparkles and shimmers is something I am going to treasure and thus exactly how I feel about this. Speaking of sun, I absolutely adore Bourjois as a brand and their Maxi Delight Bronzer (£8.99) is great in small quantities when not bronzed but perfect  layering up when you’ve been soaking up the sun. 

22 thoughts on “Natural Look for London

  1. Love this minimal look on you. And I think it’s great that you have toned down the makeup and have gained more self-confidence and have started to tend to your skin. I think it’s actually better to take care of the skin and work towards clearing up problem areas by letting the skin breathe rather than wear foundation to hide the imperfections.


  2. I went through a similar phase where I felt like I needed a full face of makeup to go anywhere. It feels good to go a bit more natural – you are naturally gorgeous anyway!! I have oily skin so I’m definitely going to try out the matte base!! ❤️


  3. your skin looks really good! i’ve stopped wearing heavy foundations as my skin isn’t too bad and it just makes it look cakey, definitely better to let your skin breathe a bit!


  4. Just love that MAC lipstick shade and I wish I had a huge collection ha,ha definitely something I’m working on 😉 and I’m forever losing lipbalms/lipsticks so I try and keep them in my make-up storage and only take one out at a time x


  5. I have yet to get my hands on the Naked Palette as I only have the Naked Palette 2 and 3. Although I may have enough eyeshadows to last me a lifetime, I am now convince that I need to get my hands in the first Naked Palette. Your skin is amazing Jess and this make-up look is gorgeous. Xx


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