Utility for lunch



Missguided High Neck Crop £10



Rare London White and Black Checked Trousers £10


On Tuesday I was lucky enough to take a trip to London town to visit the glorious Eaton Square Bar (A review will be up for those who were tantalised by my Instagram snaps). When it comes to travelling in London I usually opt for comfort over style as I have learnt the hard way from inappropriate clothing and shoe choices. Today I actually went for something that was super comfy as well as being bang on the Utility style train and not too expensive pieces either (which I always love to hear!)


Snakeskin Duffle Bag: New Look £12

£12 for a bag in any shop for me in as unbeatable price when you pair it with size, quality and design. Duffle bags are my favourite style at the moment and this reinforced bottom means that you can fit a tonne of ‘essentials’ inside for travelling and also look chic! I absolutely adore this bag in black but they sell it in a blue contrast pattern which is sorely tempting!


Swarovski Crystal Bolt Clear Gold Plated Micro Pendant £44.25

Simplistic jewellery is definitely my preference over large statement pieces. This gold plated necklace is eye catching enough by itself particularly when paired with the khaki background of my crop top, it really caught the light and becomes a centre piece.


Chrysalis bracelets are absolutely beautiful and come in ‘Standard’ and ‘Petite’ sizes which is absolutely perfect for those who struggle. Unfortunately my bracelet came with a gem missing so I have only photographed the back so you can see it in a justified light. Burns Jewellers have been fab and offered for me to send my bracelet back in an exchange for another though so don’t let that put you off ordering as they really are special pieces and only £29 here.

How do you like to rock the utility trend?

28 thoughts on “Utility for lunch

  1. The shape of the crop top is lovely! Really suits you. I got a bag like that as a present. It really irritates me because as I have to pull the metal up and down to close it, the fabric is peeling off. I hope it doesn’t happen yours. You might have a bit more luck!


  2. You look amazing!! Absolutely love this outfit, what an amazing figure too!! I hate when i lose gems on my favourite jewellery too it sucks 😦 Cant wait to see your review from London! Hope you’re having a nice weekend 🙂 xx


  3. Love these pants, they look amazing on you! You are a really cool look in all of your photos…it’s almost like: Hot woman who doesn’t give a fuck!… I like it!



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