Mary Elizabeth Natural Skincare

 Natural sustainable skincare is something I feel passionately about, and despite not always being able to afford or use it solely I definitely favour it over mass produced synthetic products. Mary Elizabeth is a family business run by Cecilia and Claire Huntley that brought their first products to market in 2012. Cecilia was inspired to start the business after suffering with skin cancer a few years before and sought soothing skincare that just wasn’t available for her skin after it was left in poor condition. She is a trained aromatherapist and a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, she learnt of the benefits of natural plant and essential oils to create natural products that started to improve her skin. Mary Elizabeth Bodycare Ltd was then formed following the creation of effective blends and products- the brand name is a personal combination of their middle names. The company is committed to fair honest partnerships and work ethic alongside the products being natural, effective, sustainable and eco-friendly. 


Spearmint & Tea Tree Nurture Balm £6.75*

From ‘Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Winner‘ and Free From Skincare Awards 2013 winner this Nurture balm sure has it’s fair share of awards and nominations (see more here). It is a multi- purpose hero packed with Shea Butter for moisture, vitamin enriched oils and of course the Spearmint and Tea Tree Essential oils. I like to use it primarily as a lip balm as it really softens up my lips when they are feeling dry from the cold winter air or the recent spurt of hot air. It’s also a fab remedy for dry elbows, hands and feet (especially the backs that rub) it’s really relaxing and soothing. I love using it on my nails too for strength and growth it also makes them look lovely and shiny and helps push back my cuticles to tidy them up. I am yet to use it on the eczema on my arms but am tempted to start incorporating it into my routine as the Tea Tree should really help the sore inflammation. This is definitely a handbag, bed-side essential!



 Juniper and Jojoba Hand Cream £9.50*




Jojoba, Calendula Oils, Juniper, Geranium AND Chamomile combine together to create this vitamin packed hand cream that will be your Summer time go to. I am not brilliant at using hand creams myself, I hate any residue being left behind or a greasy film on my skin so I tend not to use too much when I do. I actually like to pop this on my knees before I go outside as they get extra dry but would love this in a large squeezable tube as I would be applying this everywhere! Juniper oil has a sweet, fresh, woody aroma that really breaks through the cream and smells intoxicating. The Jojoba Oil is said to be almost identical to human sebum packed full of Vitamin E, A,B1,B2 and B6, it has an antiseptic that helps clear pores and form a natural barrier to help retrain moisture in your skin. It also contains a plant wax that also mimics skin collagen AND if that wasn’t enough it has a natural SPF 5, WOW! It is no wonder that it has won The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2013 and Free From Skincare Awards 2013. 




If you are interested in Natural Skincare or supporting a family run business then I couldn’t recommend them enough. The multi purpose balm is definitely my must have product and is such a great size for any handbag.

You can find the lovely ladies on Social Media here:





13 thoughts on “Mary Elizabeth Natural Skincare

  1. These look lovely, I’m tempted by the hand cream as my current one is running out and I’m always on the lookout for more natural skincare!

    Amy x


  2. I love your photography for this post, it’s so beautiful how you took the photos! I love natural skincare as I find those types of products make the biggest different in my skin and this sounds lovely 🙂


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