Warehouse Spring Fashion picks

 There’s nothing I love more than having a complete wardrobe overhaul. I spent a whole evening swapping my Winter wardrobe to Spring/Summer pieces and it was so satisfying. I don’t feel like I have an abundance of in-between weather clothes however, I have a mass of hot weather pieces and a huge pile of winter knits but when it comes to the unpredictability of Spring I am not covered. I am loving the boho 70’s vibes at the moment and thought that it would be nice to have some pieces that channelled that energy but weren’t bold prints, daring cuts or bright colours, I saw that Warehouse had a sale on pieces and once I started shopping I couldn’t stop.



 Alongside my warehouse sale spree I have been raiding Primark almost every week at the moment and snapped up this faux leather fringed bag immediately. I actually owned a Guess Suede studded fringed bag a while back but when I got into debt I decided it would be sensible to sell and since that day I have regretted it since, this bag was much easier on the bank balance and only cost me £10 which is AH-MAZING for such a roomy, Spring perfect snap up.  The tortoiseshell wayfarers are also from Primark although they have managed to get themselves a little scratched and battered from being in the bottom of my bag but are in my opinion a warm weather necessity.


I haven’t shopped for jeans before at Warehouse and was therefore a little wary considering I usually have to opt for the smallest size and petite. These indigo skinny jeans were only £15 in the sale and are super soft skinnies so I was willing to take that risk. It turns out they only needed turning up a little bit and fitted my hips and legs perfectly, would definitely recommend them to anyone who is unsure about sizing and would say they are very true to size. 





 Turquoise stones in jewellery are always appealing to me, there is something eye catching and beautiful about them, not to mention definitely echoing the boho, Summer theme. I find bracelets difficult to fit as my wrists are quite small so was immediately interested in trying a stretch cuff and to my amazement it fitted perfectly. It costs £10 here but as I have student discount I bagged it for just £8 and I think it’s every bit worth the price if not more. The coloured stone rings were £8 for a pack of four and I thought they were ideal for stacking, the stones are sun catching and really liven up an otherwise simple outfit.


Off the shoulder tops are my favourite for warmer weather but can be a pain in the ass when they aren’t tight enough on the arms so they keep slipping down, this however fits like a dream. It’s made of a lovely loose floaty fabric so even in hot weather the black shade is completely comfortable and works as a great background for the turquoise gemstones. This was an absolute steal too at just £10 but unfortunately it is now out of stock!



Luckily the Semi Precious Shard Pendant IS in stock and one you don’t want to miss. I have to say I am not usually a fan of longer necklaces but it just seemed to work with the black simple background of the top. 


Out of all the pieces I have to confess that these Hariachi Sandals are my absolute favourite, I have seen different High Street takes on the design and I think that New Look are a close call when it comes to my top picks. These are THE perfect Summer sandal in my eye and work perfectly with jeans, dresses and maxi skirts so I can see these getting a lot of deserved wear, they are also available in red which I might just have to take advantage of too when they cost just £20 after student discount!

What do you think of my Spring buys?

19 thoughts on “Warehouse Spring Fashion picks

  1. I love your sandals and I fell in love with your rings too! You look gorgeous in general, perfect pick of spring clothes. I also love the top, gives the look a boho vibe that I totally adore!

    Cristina x


  2. That bag is so nice! I will have to scout out my local Primark to see if I can find them. I used to love Warehouse before but it always slips my mind now as we haven’t one in Berlin. There jeans are very good. I have a pair for years now that are perfect still. You can get a good bargain on them in the sale too unlike Topshop and other places.


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