ESPA Nude Tinted Moisturiser Review




Who’d have thought there would be a tinted moisturiser suitable for oily skin? Not me that’s for sure, especially one that claims to be naturally radiant, hydrating and offers a sheer natural colour. However upon research for the ‘Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser’ * on the ESPA website I found that it contains matte mineral pigments fused with jojoba. It has SPF 15 and claims to subtly conceal imperfections posing as a great alternative to a foundation with a more natural finish. It’s available in four different colours: Nude, Blush, Almond and Tan. The Nude shade is ideal for the fairest skin with cool, light undertones whereas the Blush is for fair to medium skin with peachy-pink undertones. Me being me I had no idea what shade was best to go for and decided that only after application on my face I would know what was best. 

After trialling them both I decided to commit to 01 Nude and gave the 02 Blush to my Grandma as she has slightly pinker tones on her face. I am usually the lightest shade for all make-up and as much as I will my skin to not verge on transparency I am pale and should embrace it. 

For 50ml the tubes cost £32 here and upon initial registration I thought ‘wow that’s expensive’, however after useage and how long my sample has lasted me I have begun to change my mind. I have been using the moisturiser for nearly two weeks already and it still isn’t empty, and usually spend around £27.50 for my Clarins Ever Matte Foundation. Yes a tinted moisturiser doesn’t have the same coverage as a foundation but that’s the point. I think they are the perfect Summer make-up staple and so much better for your skin than layers of foundation and powder.

Nude 01 Swatched

#5 Nude 01 Blended


 As you can see upon application of the non-blended Nude Swatch the colour is quite pigmented, I have tried tinted moisturisers in the past and they have simply looked white. I was really looking forward to trying it after seeing how well it blended and matched the skin on my forearm perfectly and how there still seemed to be adequate cover. 

 Before & After##1Despite having hydrating and moisturising properties my skin didn’t feel oily, greasy or shiny. I also found that the product is easily buildable which was really surprising, one layer would be enough for most of you without acne scars but I like to have a little more coverage. I use my So Eco Custom Coverage Buffing Brush, I don’t like using foundation brushes and as much as I love my Beauty Blender it just doesn’t cut it when using tinted moisturiser. This is after 2 maybe 3 layers of the tint buffed on with a brush, the coverage is something I would happily go out during Summer with and despite the colour match being so spot on I feel that it has given me colour and more of a glow. 

I had actually taken photos of my make-up done afterwards and using the moisturiser as a face base and realised that I much preferred how natural this looked compared to the layered powder and accompaniments to my face. It is rare that I will choose less over more, and even more rare that something hydrating pairs well with oily skin so I have to admit I really am surprised. I will be sticking with this through Spring and Summer as long as I don’t have any major break outs. Thumbs up ESPA!

7 thoughts on “ESPA Nude Tinted Moisturiser Review

  1. That really does look super natural on you. You look absolutely beautiful! I’m on the look out for a tinted moisturiser and this looks like a great one to try! X


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  3. Wow I would love to have this! Didn’t know there was a good one for oily skin, my skin is a nightmare with the oil. Will definitely check this out!


  4. wow. I am saying this in the nicest way but you should wear less make up because you really don’t need much hun. 🙂 will look into this now x


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