Carrera 5024’s: Sunglasses Shop

Carerra sunglasses are about as iconic as you can get and the same can be said for their ‘Champion’ aviators. Carerra was launched in 1956 and has since been seen on the likes of Pacino to Gaga, from Kanye to DeNiro; you will be surprised at how many celebrities have worn them on and off screen. Talk about brand credibility!

 Since the huge support and celebrity endorsement Carerra have decided to redesign their Champion and Panamerika frames in line with the latest trends focusing on ‘adventure, wanderlust and a contemporary sense of style’. They have created a line of sunglasses with ‘clean lines, matte finishes, slick mirrors, discreet branding, choice prints and innovative concepts.’

The introduction of the Geo Camo design teamed with mirrored lenses is eye catching and Summer perfect. Even more excitingly their innovative team have created the first interchangeable front sunglasses, two different plastic faces are included with each frame. They easily snap on and off when you want to change your look.



Carrera 5024S Grey Green Yellow 79L

Price : £89*




The Carrera 5024’s are my absolute favourite pieces from turquoise to havana you are guaranteed to find a pair to suit your style and personality. Carrera have put a unique twist on vintage ‘pantos’ shape. The mirrored frames are paired with geo print arms and have UV400 protection. 


The Carrera design logo is much more discreet than previous styles for contemporary discreet branding which blends in nicely with the arms in an embossed manner.

I love browsing and buying sunglasses from Sunglasses shop as this pair cost £89 but on a price check cost £111 elsewhere so it is definitely worth comparing other sites before you take the plunge on an expensive pair of glasses.  They also offer 365 day returns (WOW) and are super speedy with their delivery, mine usually arrive within 1-2 days of ordering. The postage is free and tracked when you spend over £80 too.


 COMING SOON to Carrera

Ultimate Giveaway… Win a prize off your ‘Bucket List’

Got something your just itching to do at some point in your life?  Trip to the Moon? Walk with Dinosaurs?
As part of Carrera’s OUT THERE campaign Carrera and Sunglasses Shop are offering one lucky person the chance to win a prize from their ‘bucket list’…
Let us know yours. We’ll choose the one we think is the most “out there” and the winner’s ‘bucket list’ choice becomes reality.

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