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Brantano: Spring Sports & Style


 We can officially say we are now into Spring;  the April fools are finally over and we are scarily into the fourth month of 2015. There’s something about April weather that just can’t make it’s mind up hence the infamous ‘April Showers’ which is why as much as I want to immerse myself in a pile of beautiful sandals I am still adamant in wearing pretty flats and a few boots here and there. I also find that April is when people who haven’t got into a fitness regime realise how close Summer weather is approaching and want to start fighting fit. I’ve actually stuck to my New Years resolution this year and have been working out everyday for 3 months; me and Cat from YouWishYou have started HIIT classes on Monday’s and I have found myself pining after Sports shoes again. 

Brantano have my Spring lustings spot on and have fuelled my obsession with Skechers even further as the range is SO extensive and bright. I have also discovered a few gems on the way especially the brand ‘Dolcis’ that have Spring 2015 shoe trends to a T.



Skechers Go Walk Focus £48/Nike Revolution Running Trainers £46/Osage Azore Trainers £28

Skechers Flex Appeal £59/Nike Downshifter 6 £46/Adidas Madoru £48

It’s no secret that Sportswear has become popular than ever this year; you name a high street store and I can betcha that they have their own take on gym-wear and brightly coloured trainers. I adore the matching bra tops and leggings, and also even the imitation trainers however the problem for me is that the sports bras don’t have support and the trainers can’t take any impact. Since I exercise everyday and am attempting to get back into my running as well as exercises classes I need all the support I can get. Skechers are practical and pretty in my eyes, and the Go Walk Focus look like they would be so comfortable but also still stylish. I equally adore the Nike Downshifter’s in bright pink, but think that the Osage Azore trainers are a great budget pair at only £28 if you are strapped for cash.


Dolcis Bergen Heeled Sandals £35/Dolcis Parker Ballerina £25/Dolcis Munich Boots £35

/Dolcis Reed £25/Dolcis Paris Brogues £25

Whilst looking for the perfect Spring footwear wardrobe on Brantano I unintentionally selected every shoe from the brand Dolcis; I haven’t actually heard of them before but am glad that I have discovered their trend focused pieces with a fantastic price tag to match. The caged heeled sandals are absolutely perfect for this season and the heel isn’t too high which is a problem I have encountered when searching for this style. My favourite pick of all has to be the ‘Paris brogues’ as they are a style I have hunted high and low for and are a really affordable price. When you think of Spring I know it evokes thoughts of florals and pastels but with the weather we are currently experiencing I felt it would be unjust not to feature the stunning lace up Munich boots that would pair well with a Spring dress and tights. I am fond of both flat shoe selections; neither have a bold or bright pattern but they are great staples for your shoe wardrobe, the ‘Parker Ballerina’ flats have a feminine pointed toe and gold embellished statement bow that will smarten up any outfit (even jeans!) whilst the metallic ‘Reed’ flats add some character and fun to your Fashion.

Have you shopped on Brantano before? Do you prefer Sports or Style for Spring?

7 thoughts on “Brantano: Spring Sports & Style

  1. I want new trainers/workout shoes so badly now. For the possibility that I may want to go running. It’ll give me motivation. That’s how it works, right???
    Ahaha, I really love the dolcis paris brogues from the other set, they’re a gorgeous pair of shoes! Brantano is ace, it’s the shoe shop that taught me how to walk in heels 😉

    little miss fii || Fii x


  2. there’s a Brantano round the corner from where I live but I literally never go there, I’m going to pop in there now as I want to get some new sports shoes and never thought of looking there before 🙂


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