Goodreads Challenge #7: Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick



At the beginning of January I set myself an extensive Goodreads challenge to match my overly ambitious fitness goals. Studying Literature at University already demands for a lot of my time to be taken up absorbed within books whatever form they make take, but surprisingly it makes me feel more compelled to read rather than the expected- itching for a break. Throughout my course however we usually stick to ‘Classics’ and what I would regard as Nineteenth century Literature(that is for the moment anyway) and whilst that may seem like a bore to some I can honestly say I wouldn’t wish to be reading anything else. Whilst not studying however it is nice to escape from the confines of analysis and education, to take time out and read something a little lighter and enjoyable. 

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick is the latest addition to my Goodreads challenge ‘completed list’, I have now achieved 13 percent of my goal this year, meaning that I am unfortunately lagging behind. Most of the books on the list took me at least 3-5 days to complete in a leisurely but concentrated fashion, Black Ice however was devoured in less than 24 hours. A quick book may seem one that is either lacking in depth or perhaps short in pages but this certainly wasn’t the case, the reason I raced through the book so quickly was because I couldn’t bear to put it down not knowing what would happen next.


Despite not reading any of her novels before Becca immediately appealed to me. Her love for sales shopping, exercise and crime dramas made her even more endearing and gave me a sense of ‘common ground’ as such, like meeting with someone who instantly becomes a friend. Of course I don’t know her, I have never spoken to her in my life but after immersing myself in Black Ice I immediately want to read more of her novels and find out more about her. 

She is an American author best known for her New York Times Bestseller Hush Hush; raised in Nebraska but graduated with a Community Health degree from Brigham Young University. After researching her on the internet I decided to do the standard thing that any Social Media connected being does when hunting someone down and followed her on Twitter herepleasantly surprising to see her address her fans in such a warming manner and publish down to earth tweets.



After reading the synopsis I was somewhat apprehensive about the story framing into a steamy romance with no depth,but how wrong was my initial perception… The opening chapter lures you into the story detailing an incident involving a rebelling socialite, fed up with her parents and ‘allowing’ herself to be a victim of a murder. Something that you as a reader are left to speculate until the main characters Britt and Korbie discuss the incidents with trepidation as they embark on a backpacking journey to find themselves surrounded by snow, with no visibility and trapped car. Placing their trust in two ‘strangers’ they meet expecting safety and sanctuary they are led into an explosive thriller that will leave you playing the detective. 

Murders have their victims and their killers, and whilst the book has outlined the innocent female victims you are left to figure out ‘who dunnit’ yourself. You are constantly battling between characters and trying to read within emotions and clues, but by Chapter 23 I could smell a rat….


I had unveiled the plot twist by Chapter 23 but with no certainty I had to continue reading to see if my suspicions were confirmed. This book certainly has it’s touching tender moments of intimacy, but not described in extensive, cheap detail and doesn’t fill the pages with emptiness. Becca is very clever at utilising chapters as flashbacks, Britt looking back on events and recalling her memories of Cal to create a picture of him, his manner and their experiences. The book has a great balance of creating fast-paced tense moments, but also creating chemistry that are you are left wondering if it will develop into anything.

With murders, near death escapes, an unexpected Romance and plot twist this book certainly isn’t what you would expect. I couldn’t put it down and I doubt you will be able to either..I am off to find more of her novels to indulge myself with over a nice cup of tea and chocolate twists. 

You can pick up Black Ice here for £7.99 Hardcover, £6.99 Paperback or £4.72 Kindle Edition.

15 thoughts on “Goodreads Challenge #7: Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

  1. This sounds really good! I’ll have to add it to my “to read” shelf. I’ve only read 2 books so far this year…I can’t believe it. I think this is the least amount of books I’ve ever read! I did get really hung up on a 600-pager about Lewis & Clark, so I need something fast to get caught up!



  2. Thank you for this review. This novel looks appealing. I think you are reading a good deal of books. I also love reading, but can’t read so fast. Have a great week!

    Jasmine xx


  3. Wow you’re clearly an Literature student by the way you analysed this book 😉 It’s a great review and I’m always picking up books so I’ll check it out 🙂

    Velvet Blush


  4. I absolutely love hearing book recommendations. Whenever I buy a book I usually spend about half an our dilly dallying over which one to get so this is so useful 🙂 Sounds like an incredible book, I love dark, mysterious books with a twist. Currently reading Her and quite enjoying it.



  5. I’ve read first part of her hush hush series, she writes awesomeness! I need to complete that series! I have taken 50 books challenge this year. I think I’d get this book too, I LOVE MYSTERIES!!


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