Vatika: Refreshing lemon hair mask

Hair masks are definitely my thing and something I love investing a good pamper session in. In terms of Blogging I don’t think I can truly class myself as a ‘proper’ Beauty Blogger; I don’t rush to the shops for the latest releases, I don’t squeal over the HOTTEST MAC collections but what I do like are products that help my SOS moments. I don’t spend a buck on many things but I am willing to do so on my wrecked hair. I have layers of bleach, a colour stripped red and some browns mixed in with the top colour…a walking hairdressers nightmare. I will do anything to avoid a visit for the chop, mainly because the last time I sat in the dreaded chair and had to look at my huge pores close up they cut my hair into a bob. Yes ladies and gentlemen a bob became a trim. I am traumatised. That aside I think I have found a ritual with Vatika to start repairing your hair!


The hair mask is targeted at helping people with dandruff, however I can’t say I have ever suffered myself. I was actually worried about forming it from using this as my boyfriend used head and shoulders before and said it actually GAVE him dandruff..not sure if I am believe him or not but hey ho! Fears aside I was excited to take the plunge; I absolutely adore citrus fragrances so was really looking forward to finding out what it smelt like and also how it would apply onto my hair.


I expected the scent of JIF and was presented with more of a CIF sensation…not what I expected but something that I was definitely happy to work with. The consistency was as expected however and I made sure that after following the instructions to cleanse my hair with shampoo, I towel dried my hair and made sure it wasn’t dripping wet. If you don’t apply to towel dried hair then number one your hair won’t absorb the product, but number two it will just drip EVERYWHERE. I slathered my hair from root to ends, I know that it’s advised that you pay more attention to your ends than roots to prevent greasiness but when I exercise intensively everyday I like to have a really nice deep clean.



I have actually featured a review of these towel turbans about a year ago as I find they make my life so easy. They are only a couple of quid from Primark and just mean that you can keep your head warm whilst waiting for the mask to do its magic. You can actually pop cling film onto your head and heat with a hairdryer- no it doesn’t say so on the mask but I have tried it before and gives you more of an intensive treatment. What it does say is to leave it on for 15 minutes…which I patiently waited for with my burger timer.


Once the treatment was washed out my hair felt really silky smooth, I was actually apprehensive about drying it. I decided the best way to dry it would be to pop it back into a towel turban and then blast it with some hot hair and heat protector when it was nearly dry so it didn’t have to take too much damage.

The result:


I am really impressed with the mask, as sometimes I feel like I need to do an extra conditioning on top once they’ve been washed out. It definitely works within the 15 minute time frame so you don’t need oodles of time to do a treatment either. I think the smell is hit and miss and I can’t vouch that you will love it, as I said it’s lemony citrus BUT more like CIF than JIF so it really depends on your personal opinion, but it’s not SO overpowering that it’s unpleasant. I can’t comment in terms of dandruff which I feel kind of bad about, but hey I didn’t GET any so I am sure that’s always a positive. I felt that my split ends felt a lot smoother and my hair felt a lot less frizzy, it was a huge contrast to what my hair turned out today WITHOUT the mask! 

The mask is £5.99 on Amazon here and perfect if you have speedy prime next day delivery. I will be using this weekly as I was really impressed with the results as it means I can wear my hair naturally without the worry of frizzy, dry hair, WAHOO!  

10 thoughts on “Vatika: Refreshing lemon hair mask

  1. I tend to stay away from hairdressers as well. I have had bad experiences too many times and I would really not listen to lectures about the condition of my hair. I usually use Bleach London in my hair or just coconut oil. I am a big fan of lemon juice though and this product looks really interesting. I might just give it a try!


  2. Oh I love the sound of a lemon scent! I’m not surprised you’re not a fan of hair dressers! I hate when they cut too much off, and I hate looking in the mirror for too long as well.


  3. Oh man, they really took off a lot of length! that’s why I cut my own hair now… I don’t trust hairdressers at all! I love your natural texture, though. 🙂


  4. I love a bob but its not really a trim when your hair is as long as yours was!!!! I hope you didn’t pay them. This does look like a gorgeous product though. I am always interested in new hair products, so I will definitely look out for this one.


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