Jones the Bootmaker: Spring ‘flat’s wishlist

Jones is a shop I walk past almost everyday; I am blessed to live opposite the sea yet also on a high street of shops that aren’t cheap takeaways or bargain stores. That being said I have never actually been into a Jones store before, I am much more of an online shopper and like to take my time over the selection process whilst opening a million tabs at once to see what I prefer, I can take all the time I want but also gauge if I have enough money by tailoring the shoes to my budget which I don’t find that easy in store. 

Last year I was a heel aficionado, any excuse to wear them and I was on it- this year, blisters and cuts amass I have decided to embrace the glorious flat shoes that are on offer and have graced our catwalks. Being 5 foot 3/ bordering on 4 if I push it, I have always been obsessed with adding height to every outfit yet is the immense pain really worth those extra inches..? I don’t think so. Jones the Bootmaker have a gorgeous selection of flats with ranging prices to suit all budgets so I thought I would compile a little wishlist to soothe my inner shopping cravings, but also to let you have a look at the beautiful prints and designs for practical yet chic additions to your wardrobe. 


1.Formal Slip on £69/2.Gaia Brogues £75/3.Gwen Ballet Pumps £69/4. Granola Loafers £34

Patterned shoes are something my collection needs to see more of! My shoe rack suffers from block colour syndrome ignoring the chequered brogues from last Summer and watercolour flats from Clarks that is simply it. I think that everyone should have at least one pair of leopard print shoes, it’s something that takes certain individuals to pull off in clothing but anyone can wear a leopard print flat. I have a fixation on pony skin bags and shoes so absolutely adore the texture on these, as do I with the the ‘Number 1’ formal slip ons.

Snakeskin print isn’t for everyone but when styled appropriately it can look gorgeous, especially with the camel shade trend up-rise; reminding me that the Gwen ballet pumps are a really gorgeous shape AND colour, they will work perfectly with a ripped pair of skinny jeans. The brogues were chosen because I couldn’t not. Brogues are the style of shoes you can really get into an involved relationship with, they will always be sensible and comfy, but also can be tres chic depending on the design you opt for. I am a huge fan of the moody floral print and I just hope they get my size in ASAP.


5. Sketchers Flex App £62/6.Converse Floral Polka Dot £50/7.Gratin Ballet Pumps £69/8.Abalina Loafers £80 

I couldn’t have a Spring flats wishlist without including some trainers. I have really got into my fitness regime lately, and whilst falling off the wagon slightly with my eating I definitely prefer to be in my fitness clothes a lot of the time. There is something about Sketchers as a brand that really makes me want to try them, when I was younger we would travel to America once in a while and I remember swooning after a pair, and since then I have really wanted the Sketchers shape-ups, has anyone tried them? The Converse were chosen with a similar mind set, I love trainers and comfortable shoes but these had a very pretty floral polka dot design which set them apart from my standard Vans that I tend to rely on a lot when I wear denim shorts and skinnies.

I wanted to include at least one black and white pair of flats as I think they are a necessity for any wardrobe. The Abalina Loafers are a classic piece, I love the velvet appearance of them and the high lip. The Gratin pumps in whtie were really a top pick because white is such a fresh, uplifting colour. White shoes are a nightmare to keep clean but when you do wear them they can really bring out other colours in outfits, and I think they look fabulous with a tan too…which hopefully won’t be too long!

15 thoughts on “Jones the Bootmaker: Spring ‘flat’s wishlist

  1. I like the trainer casual styles but mainly because I have to wear them walking round london. I agree I love heels but some of us just aren’t made for them 😦


  2. I have been SO obsessed with pointed flats lately, the snakeskin ones are just perfection! (This post is amazing but my purse/wedding budget currently hates you 😉 )



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