Lord of the Rings inspired charms from Thomas Sabo



Charm bracelets are one of my absolute favourite pieces of jewellery you can buy, they are a gorgeous keepsake that can evoke lots of memories. As much as I love Rose Gold there was no doubt that I wanted a Silver bracelet, there is something timeless about it that I don’t think would translate from gold or ‘rose gold’in time to come.

One of my hobbies/passions/potential obsession in life is Lord of the Rings- since meeting my boyfriend Pete we have watched the films consecutively every week, collected the additional books, artwork, watched the special features, extended cuts and even delve into the realm of late night LOTR top trumps contests. As much as I would love to go on with an exhaustive list of how much we love it, I won’t! However what I will say is that I have found another outlet to treasure my passion and that is through jewellery. I am fully aware of replica LOTR jewellery pieces, Galadriel’s ring, the One ring, Arwen’s necklace but I thought that the Thomas Sabo Charms Club was a really special collectible to get involved with. The charms aren’t designed for LOTR and are just part of their charms club, however they have a deeper meaning to me and you can create whatever mood, memory or theme you want from the collection.


There is no denying that the presentation boxes are gorgeous. They are the perfect way to store your chosen pieces and I find it looks a lot prettier than my Chamilia charm box. 

Joshua James stock a tonne of Thomas Sabo charms, from Octopus’ to ‘will you marry me?’ so there was no doubt in my mind that this will slowly develop into an addiction. They have a variety of charm carriers for you to decide on from necklaces with charm spaces to 5 space bracelets, however I opted for the Silver Infinity Charm Carrier* which is 19.5cm in length and comes in at £35. The infinity sign I am sure has meaning to a lot of people being such a generalised symbol, however having it paired with a tattoo for Pete that we both share it means a lot to me so that’s why I found this bracelet to be the optimum choice. It can also symbolise the infinity of the elves in LOTR which creates the storyline between Arwen and Aragorn. 


The beauty of the charm carriers is that you can use the charm loops to make the bracelet tighter; my wrist is so small that I usually have to buy a child’s size in jewellery or the smallest size available so I really struggle to find things that fit. Luckily I found that the placement of the charms is really versatile. You can clip on onto the loop available on the infinity sign, or add them to the spaces on the bracelet.


The charms I picked for the bracelet for were the Silver Crown Charm* £25.95 & the Dragon Charm’* £39.95 to keep within the theme of the LOTR. I think the silver crown within itself is a stunning piece and would make a gorgeous present to a girlfriend or daughter, but I also like the fact that it can represent Aragorn taking over leadership after the battle. The dragon charm actually symbolises power, endurance and longevity which Smaug seems to retain before Bard manages to defeat him. I actually think it’s a surprising charm, I didn’t think I was going to like it when it arrived but now I have it on the bracelet I have fallen in love with it completely.



I was lucky enough to already own the ‘Globe charm’ from Thomas Sabo which is £50 here, it’s blackened silver sterling with a shimmering blue enamel and I personally think it’s incredible. I couldn’t not mention it as I have added it to the centre piece of the bracelet, suspended from the available loop on the infinity sign. The globe can have so many meanings, I could denote something really cheesy by linking it with the infinity sign which I would love to, but I will spare you the pain and leave it up to your imagination.



Despite the bracelet being too big for me, I can’t not love it. The charms are incredible and have a really personal meaning, and the fact that I have the ability to adjust the size and the position of the charms is fantastic. I would recommend anyone who is looking to get someone a keepsake present to pick one of these up, even if you just start with a carrier. I am tempted to purchase myself a charm necklace seeing as my wrists cause me sizing difficulties and then I can wear my collectible charms everyday!

*This was sent to me via Joshua James, the globe charm was already my own, and all views and opinions are honest*

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