Magic Minerals Review



There’s something about doing beauty reviews that fill me with dread. Yes I do feel the pressures of having a picture perfect face, and yes I do feel self conscious about my blemishes. However when it comes to a product that’s going to help combat nasties then I am more than happy to share anything I find useful. When I look back at posts I have done with a bare face riddled with blemishes I cringe, but I won’t take them off my blog as I hope they will give people help, reassurance and the confidence that there are lots of us out there and we all don’t have airbrushed skin, arched eyebrows and plumped up lips.

Magic Minerals is something I have wanted to try for a really long time. At present I use The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream and the ‘All In One Face Base‘ over the top, however I found it really clogging for my pores having all that powder on top and decided that making my make-up as light as possible was the trick. Unfortunately for me oily skin and blemishes mean that my face looks like a mirror ball without powder which is why Magic Minerals came to me at the perfect time.

This is my face BEFORE with BB cream, mascara and my nudey nudey lipstick. (Am I falling asleep…who knows)


If you look closely enough you might even get to grab a reflection of yourself on my skin. SHINAAAY.

And this is my face buffed up ( I dunno, it felt right) with the Magic Minerals powder and the sponge, I used the powder lightly on top with the brush just to give it a finish and an ultra matte look, which I like.


I have to send an apology out there as my face this big on the screen is kinda scary, I clicked on the preview and was like OUCH, but I really think you can notice the before and after difference which is expected. What I love most about the powder is that it does apply translucent/to the lighter tones of your skin, so if you are wearing a specific foundation it’s not going to ruin the colour or the texture.


Not only do the colour spots look incredibly pretty in the compact but they work wonders. ‘Lavender‘ to correct sallow complexions’. ‘Pink to conceal dark circles and uneven skin tone’, ‘Yellow to brighten dull skin’ and ‘Mint to reduce redness and cover breakouts’.

I have to be honest I WAS sceptical before I tried this, the compact is only £10 so I really didn’t expect a miracle to happen, especially considering it costs less than the actual face powder I use at the moment. I really truly was surprised though, I really think it mattifies my face which is exactly what I wanted, it covers the pesky blemishes and conceals the dark circles under my eyes. I also don’t feel like I am wearing a heavy sheet of make-up on face, it felt really free and light today for the first time in ages. I am hoping it will be much better for my skin and pores as a whole. 

It adapts to your skin tone which I can really see from using it as I was worried it would be too dark initially, it is fragrance free and talc free which is really great news for my pesky pores and lasts up to 12 hours with a natural SPF. I wore mine for 8 hours today and it didn’t budge at all and I can vouch for that even with pretty oily skin- yes I did go out too!

If you suffer with similar problems like me, and liked what you saw from the before and after shots then I would definitely say it’s worth a trial for just £10 here. I never edit my photos and I wouldn’t endorse a product if it really didn’t work- I have done my fair share of bad reviews in my time! I really do think that this is going to be a game changer especially for warmer weather make-up and its a bargain.

16 thoughts on “Magic Minerals Review

  1. Omg you don’t have any worries about sticking your face on your blog what so ever: but I know how nerve wracking it is: you can really see the difference mind can’t you how fab is that and funky at the same time with all the dots xx


  2. You’ve got a perfect lovely face Jessica!! Ahh these make up posts are so useful for me as I’m entering the make up world now and I NEED HELP WITH MAKE UP!!


  3. You do look great but you have a lovely complexion in your before photo. I am 59 yo so I can speak for the elderly population. Bought this as a buy one, get one deal as I thought the price was rather high. I have very fair skin with several age spots, a lot of redness and very dark under eye circles. I found that I have to use a lot of the powder to get coverage. It did cover all the redness and the age spots but did not cover my under eye dark circles. I found that if I touched my face or blew my nose it came noticeably off. Overall I do like the product as it gave me a natural glow and replaces the need for foundation. It doesn’t seep into wrinkles and makes them a bit less noticeable. I went to my doctor and was wearing the make up. She looked me in the face and said, “You look so much better than last time, you must be feeling better.” My health hasn’t changed so it must have been the make up. That is the ultimate test and compliment for a make up that it can even fool a doctor!


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