Bonjour HK 3 Concept Eyes Nail Varnish & More


If you read my blog frequently then you will know how much I love Bonjour HK and how I seem to have new reviews for you each Season from them(pretty much- don’t quote me on that!). This month I have some gorgeous nail goodies that may very well convert me from being a short nailed acrylic fiend. I very rarely buy nail polishes, mainly because my studio flat doesn’t like to find any more space, but also because when I can’t afford my acrylics they are usually mismatched lengths with either no polish or old polish. Perhaps lazy but perhaps down to being the only one who cleans the flat.

3 Concept Eyes have utterly changed my opinion of varnish from the moment I set eyes on them. I absolutely adore the square shaped lacquers and also the pretty range of colours I was sent. There is always need for a top coat and high shine, but the orange, blue and red can work well in Winter or Summer too! 


3 Concept Eyes #PK18 £2.60 (Out of stock currently)

Don’t you just love the perfect nude?! I am slowly accruing a collection of shadows, lipsticks and varnishes alike but nothing compares to this beauty. It is exactly the colour I was hoping for and is created after two coats and a clear base coat underneath. No top coat has been added as of yet as I want to show you that next! The varnish by itself is pretty glossy, and true to colour but in terms of longevity will last a good extra few days with a top coat.


3 Concept Eyes #TopCoat (Out of stock currently) £2.73 

I think a top coat gloss is what any nail needs, but in any case Bonjour HK also stock the 3 Concept Eye’s matte top coat if that is the effect you are hoping for. I love a healthy glossy nail and sometimes will just file my nails and add a little shine as well as strength to them. It’s a really easy application with no stickiness and just like the nude polish it dries really quickly and I had no discoveries of varnish in places it shouldn’t be!


3 Concept Eyes #BL09 £2.73 

You can see why these beautiful colours are out of stock already as the packaging as well as the colour choices are fantastic value for money, they also apply really well as well as last a good week on. This particular colour is still available so I would definitely advise you snap it up before it’s gone! This bright blue is one of my favourite colours, it can work well as a winter pastel with knitwear but will also look fantastic with a suntan in Summer- this is definitely a versatile colour for me.


3 Concept Eyes #OR06 £2.76

These absolute beauty of a shade is still available as well! It was a colour I probably wouldn’t have chosen myself but as soon as it was applied and against the black background I was pleasantly surprised. I think it’s a really great colour to pop against black and monochrome especially when you aren’t feeling colour and patterns in your outfits, I would like to try this with a blazer, skinnies and heels with a few rings here and there!


3 Concept Eyes #RD01 £2.76 (Out of stock currently)

Who doesn’t love a sultry red varnish? It is my most worn most collected colour polish and I can’t see it changing anytime soon. This is a really vibrant glossy blood red shade and just hits all the right notes I expect it too. As with the other varnishes it has been a dream to apply, dry and last which I was really surprised about. I thought that because the packaging was so luxe and with a low price tag that I was going to be disappointed with the actual usage of it- alas negative thoughts aside as per, I was proven wrong! These are amazing.


3 Concept Eyes Nail Varnish Remover £5.49 (Out of stock currently)

Perhaps you will question what is wrong with your own nail varnish remover, or in fact why we can’t just grab any old one off the shelf? Well any old nail varnish remover is fine, but that’s the whole point they are just fine. The 3 concept eyes remover took off my varnish within one sweep, no scrubbing and panicking into the corners to wipe them clean. I did take a very large unpredictable whiff of the bottle and WOWWWEEE it nearly burnt my nose off, but in terms of being too strong for the nails- I don’t think so. I have a calcium deficiency because I can’t have ‘real dairy’ so my nails are pretty weak, however I haven’t seen any damage or effects which is always good news.

3 Concept Eyes Nail Buffer (Black and White) £1.96 (Out of stock currently)

Nail files are something I ALWAYS lose and seem to end up having none when I most need them, and then the one I do find does as much good as rubbing paper on them. This file on the other hand is extraordinarily good, you don’t need to put much welly into it to get your nails shaped, and therefore I think they would be good to use on acrylics and nail extensions too as they really do feel strong enough. 

I am quite partial to the 3 Concept Eyes designs particularly on the varnishes, but I am also infatuated with their prices. Don’t forget if something is out of stock then you can always have an email reminder as the products really are worth waiting for. My next post will feature some goodies including an Alice in Wonderland Cleansing oil, so you really don’t want to miss that if you are a Disney fan!

14 thoughts on “Bonjour HK 3 Concept Eyes Nail Varnish & More

  1. Ahhh I love 3CE, they’re the cosmetic brand attached to styleNANDA, and they have such cute concepts it pains me (currently want everything in their DOT collection). The colours are so cute especially loving the blue and the orange! 🙂

    little miss fii || Fii x


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