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Nude Jewellery OOTD

Nude Jewellery

Vanilla Links Double Link Silver Pendant £85.00*


It’s rare that I will get jewellery as a gift or in fact indulge in getting it for myself. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a charm bracelet from Peter and then a couple of weeks later Nude jewellery contacted me about reviewing a necklace too! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world considering my jewellery collection prior to this consisted of High Street trend pieces, with the only expensive, treasured piece being my diamond earrings from my Dad (which I am very grateful for).

Before we even look at the necklace I decided upon can we take a moment to appreciate how truly beautiful the packaging from Nude is?As soon as you open the parcel you are presented with something that oozes luxury and care, a service which is too frequently forgotten. I was actually sad about having to unwrap it with the prospect of not being able to recreate the same beautiful parcel that would have happily taken place on my bedroom side.



It didn’t take too much deliberation to decide upon the Vanilla Links Double Link Silver Pendant. The silver link necklace is exclusive to their London jewellery boutique and is handmade in store. I have an infinity tattoo paired with Pete’s initials on my hip bone, which before anyone has any judgement has been there for four years now. I have infinity rings and other jewellery pieces but they seem to have become a popular trend piece. After seeing the double link pendant with the description ‘forever linked’ I was immediately attached. I prefer silver over any type of jewellery and find myself wearing it a lot more frequently than gold and it works perfectly for this design. It’s a delicate, dainty necklace that can be worn daily as it will go with anything.





The necklace has been handmade in Mayfair by designer jewellery Nikki Galloway featuring a silver snake chain at 16 inches with links that have been ‘lightly hammered to create texture and react with light’. The beauty of handmade pieces for me is that they will all be in some way different from anyone else who owns it too. They are a unique, one off which is why my promise ring and bracelet from Pete is a one of a kind as well as being hand-made and unique.


 I think it hangs at the perfect position on my neck and I can barely feel it’s there! It’s now become a really special piece in my jewellery box and I can see myself finding it hard to take it off.

If you are looking for gifts then I would recommend you check out the ‘Jewellery for under £150‘ section, the ‘Silver Frost Earrings‘ are my favourite although I have my eye on a long list of pieces that hopefully make the cut when payday arrives.

You can find Nude Jewellery on their site here






15 thoughts on “Nude Jewellery OOTD

  1. That necklace is stunning and I love the meaning behind it! Also, your outfit is bang on! 😀 Your shoes go so perfectly with the skirt – love it!




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