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Fuel Station 3 Day Juice Detox



 Juice detoxes are one of those things that are made to feel controversial if you aren’t over a certain weight- who decides this I am not sure, but then it becomes banded amongst the long list of taboos for Bloggers. I find this so strange. Weight, eating and juicing has become so controversial as a whole when really we should just freely be able to say/do what we want (within reason) that’s the beauty of free speech and freedom, hallelujah.

This is the second juice detox that I have tried and it’s actually the cheapest I have seen. It’s £55 for a 3 day cleanse which features four juices per day from Fuel Station. You are advised to stick to the plan and not eat during the detox or you won’t reap the same benefits if you hadn’t, and also that very light exercise is welcomed to aid digestion such as yoga, but heavy exercise is best avoided.

Me being the obsessive that I am I decided to continue with my hour exercise a day and realised that the juice wasn’t going to be as easy as it had previously been…


#2 I have never had a problem with juices, in fact I usually prepare a green juice everyday with kale, wheatgrass etc so am used to different flavour combinations. Even my previously despised beetroot seemed to go down a treat as it gave me the experience of digesting something sweet which is just what I needed when my energy was low.

The first juice is always the easiest, and always makes you feel fantastic. I felt so full that I wasn’t sure I could manage my ‘Number 2’ labelled juice but I did! However as the day went on I forgot to drink very much water. The juices aren’t enough hydration themselves and need to be paired with a lot of glasses of water (or water and lemon even better). It’s an odd feeling as drinking the juice tricks your mind and body, when really they are there to cleanse your system not to give you fluids- SO PLEASE DRINK LOTS OF WATER, especially if you don’t want a migraine.

In the evenings I decided to have grilled chicken and salad. It is most definitely not recommended to eat anything, but when I am exercising for an hour a day I can’t not eat- I really tried my best but by time it got to 8pm I just felt exhausted.

The subsequent two days I followed the same routine and pattern but incorporated more water into my diet, it made me feel so much better. My skin cleared up almost immediately and I was starting to feel a lot fuller without being bloated. 




I don’t think it’s right to deprive yourself if you are feeling hungry. I don’t think eating meat was the right decision and I should have just cut back on the exercise. I would definitely advise you do light walking or yoga but that’s to the extent, and perhaps have cucumber and salad to give you the feeling and experience of eating real food. It’s difficult to get through but if you keep hydrated and don’t over work your body then you can do it and will see results. I always love seeing my excessive bloating go down from bread/pasta. Your body should also not gain all the pounds lost if you carry on with a nutritional, healthy eating plan avoiding bloating foods- but if you go back to the same diet as before then of course you will pile it back on.

#3 The juices were a lot sweeter than I am used to. The carrot and beetroot really made it very sweet to taste and in fact I would have like some citrus to cut through it. I am used to making kale and wheargrass shakes as previously mentioned so am used to a more stronger, bitter and less sweet shake. That being said it really did feel like it gave you a boost when you feel down or lack energy, and I think they are perfect for people who don’t like traditional green juices. £55 for 3 days is excellent value especially if you have weight to lose. Unfortunately I have been gaining muscle and exercising so I didn’t seen any weight loss specifically but I do think that my bloating went down, my skin cleared up and I felt considerably happier with more energy by day three.





Can you see a difference? Sometimes when I wear my Nike Pros I feel like a sausage bursting out of it’s skin so a change of gym wear is always nice too, but I definitely felt a lot more comfortable in my clothes and that my stomach had lost retention.

If you want to give a detox a go that won’t break the bank then check out Fuel Station here and let me know what you think.

*This juice was provided free of charge by Fuel Station for an honest review in exchange*

19 thoughts on “Fuel Station 3 Day Juice Detox

  1. BOOM! You look super toned & super trim! I am in awe of your body! I wish I looked like this in my gym gear, haha! I’m currently smoothie/juicing it at the moment too. I completely agree, you should be able to do what you want, when you want! Keep up the good work.
    Bee xxx


    • Ah thanks lovely I really appreciate it, I am still self conscious believe it or not haha I think I have the exercise bug D: who are you juicing with? I will have to make sure I keep up xxx


      • I’m just using my Breville Active Blend and creating lots of concoctions myself! It’s great. I’m a sucker for the sweet ones, so sugar levels are high but better than all the salty/fatty things I would normally crave! You look great, try to believe in yourself a little more! Big loves, Bee xxx


  2. Wow so envious of your progress! You have an incredible figure :O Loving the sound of this juice cleanse and I actually received some from a brand called ‘Plenish’ the other day to try out and really enjoying it but like you I haven’t stuck to the proper programme just because I don’t want to lose weight but want to reep the benefits of the juice itself x


  3. I find it really difficult sticking to a juice detox, it takes so much willpower! But I really need to start thinking about doing another juice detox as my body is filled with junk at the moment and I’m really low in energy. 😦 I’ll keep Fuel Station in mind, it’s definitely the most affordable detox I’ve seen so far! x


  4. Yes, yes I bloody can see the difference… you look incredible lady!! Luckily I’ve never wanted/thought I needed to lose weight so have never done a juice cleanse, but I love having them in addition to whatever I would usually eat. Plus, a green juice totally eradicates the fact an Indian takeaway, right? 😉 Again, you look amazing here!


  5. I’ve never tried a juice detox although I would love to but wouldn’t want to sacrifice the gym to do a detox and definitely couldn’t handle the gym with no food! Love your outfit in the second lot of pictures by the way and how toned are you?! Jealous!

    Amy x


  6. A juice cleanse is probably the only thing I haven’t done yet in terms of these ‘quick fix’ detoxes, but I would definitely like to! I agree there’s an annoying stigma attached to slimmer girls doing them – don’t people realise that you can still get bloated etc if you’re a size 8 or smaller? This one sounds really good, perhaps I’ll look into the ingredients and try to steal all of the mixes for my Nutribullet (bahaha).

    Claire from Stylingo xx


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