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Ginger and Co pampering products

 Ginger and Co Pampering ##9

If you read my last post #sleepwithpukka you would have seen that I find it really difficult to relax; it’s not only the prospect of switching off my mind, but also finding that golden opportunity to take some time out! Gorgeous skincare and beauty products are always  a justification for pampering in my eyes, and fit right in with the expectations of a Sunday night. Admittedly Sunday nights are usually a mad rush of reading/writing blog posts and late University work, but sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back and look after ourselves.

Ginger and Co have the perfect products for display and pampering perfection. For a while now we have seen a surge in Retro/Pin up inspired make up and skincare packaging, from the likes of ‘The Balm’, ‘Benefit’, ‘Soap and Glory’ and now ‘Ginger and Co’. There’s something about the packaging that has a certain allure that makes you want to pick them up. Just like ‘Itsu’ and ‘Tyrells’ packaging, if there’s a pretty pin up lady on the front…I want to look like her..not quite so sure the skincare range can morph me into someone else, but it can do a good job of convincing me I’m a 1950’s housewife for the evening right?


Body lotions and butters, but which one to go for you ask? (maybe you do…) Body butters are my absolute saviour in the Winter months, they have a much thicker, sumptuous consistency and give my skin the nourishment it needs. I prefer to use this body butter after a nice hot shower before bed as opposed to *mad panic, I’m late…need to put my clothes on…end up in a sticky mess application*. That being said the butter really soaks into your skin almost instantly, with other brands I am sometimes left in a frenzy trying to make the product disappear so I can just put clothes on! The body butter is for when you really have time to pamper and your skin will thank you for it. It’s packed full of marshmallow leaf, lemon balm and blossom honey which isn’t overpowering at all, and gives it a light, feminine scent.


Hand cream is something I predominantly overlook, just like my feet my skin tends to be very soft in those areas and doesn’t seem to muster up too many dry patches. However I find that since using the ‘Dreamy Hand cream’ I have got into a routine of giving myself hand massages, and with my bad joints and aching muscles it really is becoming quite beneficial. You don’t need much hand cream however, and especially when I am typing on the laptop I don’t like it when any residue is left on my hands which is why I try to only use before I go outside or when I come indoors. The formula is made up of mallow, lemon balm and rose, with the rose scent being most prominent and inviting. 

Thank goodness there was a creamy body wash included in the set, I don’t have a bath so find that I am restricted to trying some products that lovely Beauty Bloggers feature. It is packed with ginger root and juniper berry with added moisturisers which come in handy all year round. 


The Daily Body Lotion has a primary smell of the mallow included, but you can sense the back notes of lemon balm and rose as featured in the Dreamy Hand cream too. It’s a much lighter consistency to the Body Butter as mentioned, but is much easier to use and disperse as it comes with a dispenser which I always find best to not use TOO much product.



The Moisturising Hand-Wash is a great partnership to the hand-cream. Usually I would just buy what is on offer in Wilko to be quite honest, if it’s a pound or less then it’s coming with me. However in the Winter months and to have to offer guests it’s much nicer to have this pretty packaged wash. It is 500ml so should last me a while especially with the dispenser top and I will be using this daily.

In terms of the Moisturising Bubble Bath I wasn’t actually sure if I would be able to try it. Sometimes I will make a DIY foot bath with products I receive in Beauty boxes, but I was adamant that I wanted to trial this on my body. I have now been using this in the shower every single day without fail and I love it! It still foams up really easily without the need for a bath and smells divine. I haven’t noticed any difference with my dry skin patches on my arms however, they don’t feel any more nourished but at the same time the wash hasn’t reacted with them either.

I would definitely recommend you give at least one of these products a go if not for the skincare benefits just for the gorgeous packaging. I have some sore dry patches on my arms and the products didn’t irritate them at all, whilst I can’t vouch for sensitive skin it certainly didn’t cause me any problems. 

14 thoughts on “Ginger and Co pampering products

  1. The packaging of these products is gorgeous!! Never seen these anywhere before, the body butter sounds lovely 🙂 I always buy the wilko hand wash too haha but as you say its a huge bottle so probably worth it in the long run! xxx


  2. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and nice smellies lol, if something looks and smells gorge it’ll be in my shopping basket! For products like handcreams and body wash, I expect them to look good as well as smell good, otherwise it’s just too boring! xxx


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