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Feet. Potentially not the most pleasant of topics for conversation, but a warning to the squeamish WE ALL HAVE THEM. They are a natural part of our body and existence, and if you actually take care of them properly then maybe we won’t all consider them to have the ick factor. Unfortunately I have tended to look after my feet TOO much, I keep them soft and smooth from moisturising, polishing and giving them frequent pedicures, this doesn’t mesh too well with long walks and running, particularly when I fit half sizes in shoes so there’s some rubbing going on most of the time ( I can’t always afford half size shoes ya know).


Sometimes after a long day of walking all you want is a relaxing foot rub. Yeah I don’t tend to get many of those…OR a nice warm bath and some relaxation oils….Yeah I don’t have one of those either. So those two perfectly good resolutions out the window I am stuck and usually end up resorting in getting an ‘extra’ washing up bowl I bought, filling with it bubbles and water, and kind of just sitting with my feet dunked until the water goes cold- nice temporarily but doesn’t really repair my heels. Luckily Premier Healthcare and Hygiene sent me over some great preventative products as well as after-care so that I can still walk for hours (when shopping calls of course) without giving my feet lasting damage.


With prevention being better than after-care my favourite product is the Gehwol footcream. It works to prevent tired and aching feet whilst helping against chafing, blisters, sores and inflammation. It strengthens the skin to make it more resistant over time which is something my super soft skin really needs to get used to and develop. 


The foot care cream professional is a daily application, and is the large tube in the middle. If used daily then it will soften and moisturise the skin and helps prevent dry and hard skin forming.


The Gehwol mint footcream is cooling and minty fresh, and is a thin application that soaks into your skin without leaving greasy residue. It is composed of Asian medicinal plant oil with menthol, rosemary, mountain pine and lavender. It prevents inflammation and itching which tends to occur when the feet get sore, swollen and tired. I find this cream quite strong and I tend to go for non fragranced moisturisers but the ingredients really seem to calm down my feet so it’s something I will keep using alongside the other two.

Despite the overall tendency to only want to buy ‘pretty’ Beauty products I think that foot care can sometimes be overlooked which they really shouldn’t. I don’t tend to go to a salon for a pedicure and they really do work hard everyday ( poor tootsies) . Despite the packaging not being traditionally aesthetically pleasing I actually like the tin squeezy tubes as they remind me of Body Shop and L’occitane. The foot care is aimed at a professional level of targeting the area without having to sell fancy imagery and fragrances so if you really want something that works that is fuss free then I would recommend this. 

13 thoughts on “Feet SOS help

  1. Squemish as I am, I do really look after my feet. It’s quiet satisfying for me to see my feet looking pretty nice most esp in the summer. Although I’ve never heard of these products before, it seems to be really good. Xx


  2. I was testing out those foot creams too and loved them, never heard of them before but was quite impressed! Feet are always the thing i forget about the most but so important with summer coming up and finally getting to wear sandals again 🙂 xxx


  3. I’m terrible at looking after my feet and they look awful especially during the winter times. Thing is I’m too lazy to exfoliate them frequent enough plus applying cream as well, unlike all the effort I put in on my face lol. Really should get on with it… xxx


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