Dating after a break up


I wouldn’t normally publicise this side of my private life but seeing as my blogging hiatus has dragged out I thought why not fill you in on the mess that is currently my life! Instead of having a painful break up that caught me by surprise I was experiencing a dragged out but inevitable one. […]

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#1 Words of the week


 If you know me well enough then you’ll realise my memory lapses are not my best kept secret. After a few months absence of reading and studying I decided to start researching and learning a new word everyday. If they have a beautiful meaning or an unusual pronunciation then they naturally stick. I was initially inspired […]

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Breakfast Club #1: The Athlete


I never aspire to be female roles in films and in the Breakfast club I felt like I could relate more to Brian Johnson but secretly wished I was Bender. Ignoring both of these (so why did I even bring them up?!) however I decided that I would do ‘The Athlete’ inspired look as I am loving the […]

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Summer Stripes


 I am disappointed at the lack of a Summer this year, so when a hot weekend comes along it has to be taken advantage of. I went on a bit of a warm weather rampage and did a HUGE clothes haul as I seemed to only have an abundance of jumpers and jeans to choose from. […]

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Degustabox: May ’16

Each month I feel like Degustabox gets better and better, and when something is really impressive I feel the need to shout about it. When it comes to this subscription box I am not overstating my love/ conveying a biased opinion as I really do love the opportunity to discover new brands, sometimes before they […]

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Is it too late now to say sorry?


Last week it was pointed out to me that my sorry reflex has got me apologising for saying sorry.. and that’s when I realised it was out of control. At first I thought perhaps it was an overly British, ‘polite’ response to other people’s rudeness and lack of manners, you know the one where you apologise […]

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Seaside conversations: Valley Mill


On Sunday I overheard a conversation about visiting the beach during the heatwave (as small as it may be) we experienced. The person stated that there was no point rushing off to the beach as ‘the sea is the sea, wherever it is, it’s just the sea.’ I really contemplated the conversation for a while, and […]

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