All I want for Christmas…

 The last three months of the year are notoriously expensive (and usually a little stressful), but that hasn’t stopped me lusting after cosy treats and a scattering of Vivienne Westwood to brighten the colder days. This Winter I intend to make pricier purchases that will see me through the season, rather than browsing the New In section every week (or day if you’re me!) for cheap, bulk buy shopping trips.
Children are the focus of Christmas and unfortunately for me, my childhood and teenage years have slipped through my fingers (waaaay too quickly). Nowadays instead of my gel pen and paper list going to family members, I create wishlists for my own sanity. Luckily for me my birthday falls in November so I am hoping to treat myself to some new season lust haves. 
Winter wishlist


A new watch is a genuine justified purchase- I left my absolute favourite and only one at an Air BnB stay (much to my devastation). Vivienne Westwood pieces would ideally adorn every corner of my wardrobe, but lets be honest I am pretty much living off a student budget. However despite ‘insufficient funds’ a watch is something I am willing to spend a fair amount on, just like pieces of jewellery that can be worn everyday like the iconic Vivienne Westwood earrings and the Valentine Pendant. All three are beautiful timeless pieces and are suitable for any time of year or occasion. As for the rucksack and the card wallet they are not a necessity, in fact I have plenty of bags but this truly is exceptional. You know when you completely fall in love with an item? You cannot stop staring at it and imagining all the outfits you could style, and how good it would look on you….yes? Well this rucksack is IT, and I don’t want to leave it in my wishlist!
Every year I will always add new ‘cosy’ pieces to my wishlist as they don’t last as long as I would like. A cute, fluffy dressing gown with animal ears….CHECK, cable knit pants (say what?!) and a faux fur hat, CHECK. Luckily for me my colder weather essentials are a LOT cheaper than my lustful dreams of Vivienne Westwood, so hopefully I will be able to treat myself to more than just a watch!

Winter wishlist

The colder months call for me to shop even harder than the unnecessary pieces I picked up over Summer  ,and no wonder- when I’m sat indoors cosy and reluctant to lose the blanket and slippers for a chilly night out, that’s when I realise that I should invest in footwear that actually keeps me warm, but still looks cute.  Once I start shoe shopping my collection seems to bubble out of control and there are shoes shoved everywhere (most never worn), however a high quality and expensive boot won’t fail you and these beauties on my wishlist are from House of Fraser and are literally the ankle boots of dreams. picmonkey-image1/Dune 2/Paper Dolls 3/Carvela 4/Mint Velvet 

Other purchases I’m longing to make aren’t so much a necessity, although I am pretty sure they would make me a lot happier (and that’s a good mental contribution!). I seldom find myself making expensive jewellery choices, and instead end up with minute Fashion choices that don’t even last as long as the trend. For me personally I always seem to find other priorities to spend my money on which is why these pieces are going on my Christmas ‘are you feeling generous?’ wishlist. My ears are super sensitive to earrings that aren’t gold and yet still I put them through cheap torture. The Thomas Sabo pairs that I have picked add a little bit of glitz and sparkle whilst still being simplistic and sophisticated earrings. I couldn’t take my eyes off the necklace, once again I don’t like extravagant accessories and the charm is such a small but bold statement. I adore anything related to the sea and the beach so this would be a really special piece with meaning. picmonkey-image-1

1/ T.S Classic 2/ Katie Mullally 3/T.S Rose Gold

 Like footwear you can never have too much lingerie or nightwear pieces, and they are my favourite to shop for. Both the bodies are from Bluebella which is a brand I already love and am super excited to see them stocked at House of Fraser now. These sexy pieces are seductive but can actually prove a lot warmer than a bra and knickers set, they are a great day to night lingerie solution. The pajama set looked so cosy on the website and reminded me how I don’t have any Winter weather sets. I get really cold at night and have also been pining for a silk pajama set for too long. picmonkey-collage-ho 1/Angelina Body 2/ Bluebella Pj’s 3/ Lola Body

What’s on your Winter wishlist?


Summer to fall

Summer to fall


Seldom do I favour Americanism’s over our own twee selection, particularly when my auto-correct is forever prompting me that favourite is in fact spelt wrong and I need to omit the u; but when it concerns my favourite season ‘Autumn’, Summer to Fall seems to roll off the tongue much more pertinently than Summer to Autumn. One of my favourite quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald reminds me of my fondness for ‘Fall’-

‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall’.

It amazes me how quickly the temperature drops, after a scorching end of September we awake needing to reshuffle our wardrobes, pull out the blankets, stock up on hot drinks and pop on the cosy slippers. Now I am certainly not complaining at justified hibernation, but it does mean that when I wore my Yumi dress to my brother’s christening, despite it being just two weeks ago it was practically a Summer scorcher(whereas today I am hiding from the torrential rain). This dress may be a strappy, warm weather piece but is perfect to be layered up with a suede biker jacket, blush tones and some cosy maroon accessories.

img_9839lll House of Fraser- Yumi Halterneck dress * 

After frantic searching on sites like ASOS, Topshop & H&M, I always find myself coming back to House of Fraser for dresses. They have a huge selection and they always have amazing offers and sales on which means I can usually bag a cute bargain whilst satisfying my spending urges! I absolutely adore the print of this Yumi dress and am glad I opted for the deeper navy as it’s perfect for transitioning from the Summer months into Autumn with a few accessories and light layering.


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July Degustabox

 This Summer has gone ridiculously fast, particularly July, I don’t think I ever checked in and recognised it happening let alone realised we are now in August! Luckily I have a month until my degree starts again and still have a few days off work to enjoy my Summer themed Degustabox. Each box contains 10 to 15 surprise products for £12.99 a month including delivery (much cheaper than buying them individually). It reminds me of personal longing and excitement for surprise bags at Claire’s…except the contents of Degustabox’s are actually decent!

IMG_4711 Rejuvenation Water £1.99/ Alo Drink £2.45/ Cracker Drinks £1.50/

Berry White drinks (x 4 £3.99)

As it’s Summer I was a little disappointed there wasn’t an alcoholic inclusion this month (always my favourite addition), however I improvised with the Pineapple, coconut and lime natural fruit drink. It’s refreshing and delicious by itself and is free from added sugar and sweetener, it gives you one of your five a day and is less than 90 calories- so what do I do….. mix it with gin! Trust me this is a really yummy mixer for cocktails, but also a perfect Summer soft drink.

The rejuvenation water really reminds me of Vitamin water that I ALWAYS used to buy, these are made from spring water, natural fruit flavours and amino acids. These are great if you are feeling run down (aka hello hangover drink) as they help your immune system and digestion. I received the flavour Spanish Orange and would definitely pick it up if I was out shopping and spotted it.

Aloe Vera drinks have always been a bit of a weird one with me, I hate that I like them because there’s definitely something unusual and odd about the drinks. This brand however ensures that they use hand picked organic aloe rather than powder so you can receive the full benefits. They’re kind of pricey at £2.45 and I would much rather buy a Naked smoothie, sorry. 

Jordans £2.79/

Muesli is never usually my first choice for breakfast but the creamy oats and juicy raisins make this super sweet and delicious, but without any added sugar. 



Brookside chocolates £3.40/ Bahlsen Choco Leibniz 4 x 0.40/ Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles Infusions £1.29/ Itsu seaweed thins 2 x £1.00/ 

I was really pleased to see Bahlsen biscuits now in portion packs rather than multi-packs as they can now give me some sort of control (maybe). I am not usually a sweet fan for snacks but the butter biscuits and thick milk chocolate coating is heavenly. Rowntree’s have also made an effort at helping to eat smaller portions with a resealable bag for their infusions, however I couldn’t stop eating them because they were so good! The three new infusions are orange & grapefruit, raspberry & pomegranate and apple & elderflower, made with fruit juice, no artificial colours or preservatives.

Itsu are already an existing favourite for their noodles and snacks, however their seaweed thins are pretty questionable in my opinion. They are super healthy as they are packed with zinc, iron, B12, Iodine AND are less than two calories per thin. I just can’t quite get my head round the taste and the smell…..

Felix Gherkins £2.15/ Seabrooks crisps £1.99/ Sarson’s Balsamic Vinegar £1.99

I will always cheerlead for the savoury team even when there is an option for sweet snacks. I blame my Dad for my gherkin and pickled onion obsession seeing as he’s now passed it on to my little brother! I am the kinda girl that will shout for your gherkin when you express your annoyance at Mcdonalds for leaving it in your cheeseburger. I have had at least three takeaways a week at the moment so am adamant that I will cook more at home and will be using these when I make burgers (because I am not a very sophisticated chef).

Sharing bags of crisps to myself are always a necessity, it actively irritates me to have to endure other people hand dipping so I devoured these before anyone else could get a look in. The producers at Seabrook are award winning and focus on high quality and great flavour. Chorizo however isn’t a flavour I would usually opt for or buy if I saw it but I really enjoyed them- they are also vegetarian friendly despite the flavour!

Sarson’s is my go to brand for vinegar but I hadn’t tried their balsamic one before as it’s not something I would usually use. However after expressing how poor my eating habits have been lately it’s proving a good pairing for salads and used to make homemade pesto. 

If you still haven’t given Degustabox a try then you can get a massive £7 off the usual £12.99 price with the code BLDEG15


House of Fraser: New in

 After my guest post on the revival of the backpack I thought it was worth checking out what cute styles were available for this season. Whilst I wanted to focus on pastels and florals for Summer I couldn’t help but be serenaded by classic black pieces to see me throughout the year. House of Fraser is my first stop when I am looking for designer handbags and their new in section is currently on point. 

 Whilst I am willing to cave for minute Fashion and short term clothing purchases when it comes to handbags I think they are well worth the investment which is why all my picks bar the Aldo backpack are a little pricier than usual. I need to purchase a new bag for when I return to work and shoulder bags are just not practical when I have to cram as much stuff as I need into them. I end up with a dead shoulder and a bad mood! I’ve been really restrained with my shopping habits lately and feel like I need to treat myself so I can feel fabulous again…

giphy (2).gif


PicMonkey Collage Love Moschino// Kurt Geiger// Aldo// Ted Baker// Michael Kors

Aside from high end backpack lusting after spotting the Michael Kors pastel blue beauty I couldn’t resist adding the Kurt Geiger Micro Bag to my wishlist as it’s the perfect, dainty addition to a dinner outfit, and blue is definitely my colour of the moment. I am also always eagle eyed when I see a new Ted Baker shopper bag, I get so weak kneed I could purchase all of the designs to probably never be used! 

I would love some help deciding on what bag I should get for work, and if anything has caught your eye that I’ve missed?!

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Guest Post: The Nylon Backpack

The Nylon Backpack is Back by Popular Demand


Image credit:

Now that runway models and celebrities are strutting down the catwalks and streets with backpacks, it’s pretty clear that we’ve become addicted to this accessory once again. Something that was once considered purely as an educational necessity is now most definitely a fashion commodity especially for millennials. Today, knapsacks are no longer limited to school-aged kids and outdoors enthusiasts, as ready-to-wear labels have added a chic twist to the childhood staples, giving them a style upgrade powerful enough to replace our favourite purses.

The idea of a backpack doesn’t exactly scream “cool,” but from what we’ve been seeing lately, utility is redefining what it means to be fashionable. As Claire Kane of MIC explains, we’re currently “living in the era of the backpack, the ultimate accessory for the under-40 adventurer, who’s usually adventuring no further than the office, gym or bar.” And designers are fully taking advantage of this lifestyle, creating products that are a perfect amalgamation of function and style.

Fashion experts have even gone on to name the carry-all as an essential in a woman’s accessory collection, with the editors from Canadian-based online retailer Lyst including backpacks in their selection of contemporary bags. These once dorky accessories have been re imagined to suit all occasions and moods. Thus, it’s time that we give those totes a rest and trade in our handbags with a knapsack for a change.

There are lots trendy backpacks that will store all your essentials while keeping you hands free and looking sleek, whether you’re out on your morning commute or heading over to the bar for happy hour drinks. Although one style that seems to garnering more attention the rest is the nylon backpack.

The nylon backpack was an inescapable trend introduced by Prada back in the 1990s, and has returned with a vengeance, according to CNN Style. The most recent fashion shows have demonstrated luxury brands feeding into our cultural obsession, simply by adding a snazzy element to the utilitarian bag. Burberry included gold chains on the straps to make the accessory almost look like jewellery, supplying some visual interest on top of its other qualities like storage capacity and water resistance.

Besides the obvious fashion statement the nylon backpack conveys, the bag is an accurate representation of our style decisions that are all about striking that balance between purpose and couture. In order for a luxury item to appeal to Millennials, the bag needs to do more than just simply look good, and as Connie Wang of Refinery29 says, it has to be relevant for a long time. What’s more relevant to our lifestyle now than the backpack?

*This is a guest post*


Dating after a break up

I wouldn’t normally publicise this side of my private life but seeing as my blogging hiatus has dragged out I thought why not fill you in on the mess that is currently my life! Instead of having a painful break up that caught me by surprise I was experiencing a dragged out but inevitable one. It got to the point where I couldn’t be near him and living in a flat with only two rooms on offer he got the front room and I was confined to the bedroom. Eventually I decided that it was time for me to move out but instead it turned out that I ended up staying in the flat by myself. The first few nights were the hardest I had experienced since my Grandma was diagnosed with Cancer and I was sleeping alone in her house. I love my own space and can’t deal with the intensity of a person 24/7 yet I felt so lonely and lost. The flat was a mess, the TV, the Xbox and other appliances I relied on had been taken when I wasn’t home and was left with a mattress on the floor and a tiny TV on a side table. I laid on the mattress and cried, attempted to console myself with Netflix, countless cigarettes and music but nothing calmed the restlessness of my mind. 

After nearly five years with the same person, lost friends and comfortable familiarity I was initially concerned that I just wouldn’t be able to date again. I had been made to feel like I couldn’t do any better, constantly criticised and made to feel stupid, it took me a while to mentally remove myself from that situation and start feeling independent again. As soon as I started seeing family and friends alone I was the happiest I had been since college, and I realised it wasn’t normal to not be allowed that freedom and independence, that it is actually a basic right I have for myself. One of the friends I met up with during the break up was using Tinder, and I had never even seen it before let alone knew how to use it. I downloaded it predominantly as a joke whilst I was at the pub- I didn’t even know the right way to swipe at first for a small indicator of my complete naivety and separation from the single/dating world! 

giphy (1)

Once I started receiving messages on Tinder I started chatting to a few guys casually until I adjusted to the situation which surprisingly took very little time. Meeting up with a ‘stranger’ was my biggest worry, as I had heard about people’s bad/sketchy experiences and am an avid lover of Catfish! I eventually bit the bullet as I really wanted to move on with my life. I wasn’t eager or desperate for rebound sex or a rebound relationship as I wasn’t hurt/upset by the break up as it was my choice and had been a long time coming so I had no expectations when meeting guys. In total since I’ve had the app I’ve met up with four guys- one was terrible, one was even terribler, one was messy and the other was one of the best decisions I have had made for myself in a long time. 

The dangerous thing for me personally when it comes to dating is when I develop feelings for someone. I have been hurt and stressed for too much of my life to want any more of that to persevere. I started dating again with the intention of going for drinks/ seeing guys so that I could have fun again and enjoy myself on my terms. However the successful date off Tinder that I brushed over is developing into feelings and emotions again. I find it impossible to trust anyone just yet, especially when scenarios and characteristics are deja vu’s of past events and a failed relationship. 

My expectation of Tinder was casual hook ups and dick pics, but instead I have actually fallen for someone off it instead…