Chill* Ed Lush Blonde Products


Blonde hair can be a Beauty nightmare, the ends get dry and brittle, it can seem lack luster & dull, not to mention the dreaded brassy tones that won’t dull down! Chill* Ed Blonde products certainly seemed like a solution when I found out more about them. They claim to be nourishing, moisturising and tone down brassy tones with the violet pigments. For two weeks I gave the Shampoo, Conditioner and serum a whirl to see how my hair fared about use.

Ed blonde shampoo £9.99*


The shampoo intends to moisturise dry hair and tone down brassy elements. I personally believe that it works well at clarifying and cleansing, particularly when your hair is either oily all over or awkwardly oily at the roots and dry at the ends. My hair is like hay all over (it’s terrible), and as a word of caution it can be more drying than other shampoos as it doesn’t seem to lather up as much.


Great clarifier

Good for toning

Oily hair saviour


Can be quite drying

Doesn’t lather much

Ed blonde conditioner £9.99


This conditioner was a real winner for me and did everything it said on the ‘tin’ (so to speak). It is replenishing and packed with grape seed oil to ensure the hair is luxuriously soft. It claims to rebalance the moisture in your hair and closes the cuticle. When used with the shampoo it is the perfect combination & gives your hair the moisture back that it needs after cleansing.


Leaves your hair super soft

Rebalances the moisture

Great in conjunction with the shampoo



Ed Lush Blonde £14.99


Alongside the Chill* conditioner this has to be another new Beauty favourite. It is perfect for using on towel dried hair, and ensures that your damaged hair gets the TLC it needs. I apply all over my hair as the consistency is quite thin so it’s easy to apply all over without becoming too thick and greasy, which is a problem I have encountered with oils. It’s also ideal to apply to your hair when blow dried on the very ends, and works well as a multi purpose product.


Easy to apply

Works on wet & dry hair

Smells lovely

Nourishes ALL hair


Potentially the price for the size


I absolutely love the vibrancy of all of the products, and always find using violet hair products exciting. Not only do they restore and tone your hair but they look super pretty too! I would recommend all of these products but used in conjunction with one another, if you are going to buy them separately then your LUST have recommendation from me is the conditioner as it will work wonders!

20 thoughts on “Chill* Ed Lush Blonde Products

  1. wow I love the bright purple colours I am brown now but when I was blond eit always fascinated me like the grey hair and blonde toners I love em xx

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