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Nip+Fab Glycolic Range

Nip+Fab have gained a huge celebrity following with Kylie Jenner being a fan of this range and Millie Mackintosh as a brand ambassador these flawless skin babes are inspirations and role models. I suffer with breakouts, clogged pores & general bad skin from my stress & my diet. It’s something that I find hard to deal with in everyday life, and know that wearing less make-up and making sure it’s all removed at the end of the day is key. The temptation when your skin is bad to cover it up as much as possible, but I would definitely recommend wearing MINIMAL coverage ie a cover stick, mascara and a colour balm whilst using this routine to start clearing up your skin.

Glycolic Scrub Fix £9.95 *

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I absolutely love using scrubs on my face as it’s a sure fire way to feel cleansed, clean and clear. There is a lot of warnings and advise around using something too harsh to rub at your skin with, and I can ensure you that this isn’t too harsh for your damaged or blemished skin at all. It’s great if you use it with something like Magnitone to get right into the pores and to give your skin a really smooth, soft finish. The price of the scrub is spot on for it’s performance, I have been using it for two weeks now so far and it is no where near running out. I always use this first in my routine before using the cleanser and pads, it’s entirely up to you how you use it but it works for me.

Glycolic Fix Cleanser £7.95*

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The price of this cleanser is definitely on the reasonable side of Beauty products, and the performance exceeds it’s price tag. The cleanser foams up nicely to use on your face day and night, and it isn’t harsh or drying( which I know some of you worry about). If used after the exfoliator your pores will appear tighter, your skin softer and squeaky clean. It may not be a miracle worker to immediately zap away your spots but it ensures that your sebum production is under control, your pores are clear and minimised helping with the outbreak of any nasties. This is my favourite cleanser for blemished skin that I have tried in a while, it doesn’t have any overpowering scent and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or tacky after use which I have found with blemish solutions before.

Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads £12.95*

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As far as my skincare routine goes I like to use these last, they are great at removing any make-up residue so would work perfectly for ‘just waking up’, but fit well with the end of my routine. They are not harsh on the skin at all, in fact the pads are super soft and even are sensitive enough to use underneath the eyes. Just like the other products I have been using them morning and night to see the full benefits, and leave me with a sense of refreshment. It ensures that the pores have been cleansed and have closed up either ready to apply make-up or for going to bed at night, whilst also controlling the sebum production. I was concerned that the hyaluronic acid was going to be sensitive in my pores but I didn’t feel a thing, it really isn’t as scary as you think!



I am actually amazed at how my spots and heads have cleared up, and how my pores have visibly shrunk in size. My skin really was going through a huge breakout and I thought that nothing would be able to help me until Nip+Fab came along.



I am still going through a skincare journey and my skin has a long way to go before it is clear, but alongside healthy eating and skincare my life needs to become stress free. There are so many elements that affect your health as a whole, and when it comes to skincare the Glycolic range is the help that you need when focusing on the exterior of your skin and body.